Curie: Import more publications from Scopus & Pure to SciVal!

April 2017

We’re always looking for ways to help you run my in-depth and uniquely tailored analyses within SciVal. Therefore we have increased the import limitations of publications from Scopus and Pure to SciVal. We have also made further updates to SciVal:

  • You can now select any group in the hierarchy and edit it in MySciVal
  • Perform more powerful tag filtering with the new search functionality

Increased publication import limitations

You can now import up to 20K publications from Scopus to SciVal (previously 2K publications). Furthermore you can import up to 20K publications from Pure to SciVal (previously 5K publications).

Easier to edit Groups of Researchers

You are now able to add sub-groups and single researchers in other groups, when using the edit Groups of Researchers flow in My SciVal, rather than rebuilding them from scratch, every time a change is required. All of the available groups and researchers can be seen in your left panel, and the right panel show what the hierarchy currently looks like.

Tagging improvements

Perform more powerful tag filtering with the new AND + OR search functionality. Also add unique tags to single and multiple entities when creating and editing your Groups of Researchers.

You are now able to tag, and consequently sort and search by tags in the ‘create and edit’ hierarchies flow.

Use the checkboxes to add multiple tags to multiple entities. The tag dropdown is the same as the one in MySciVal, so you can change privacy settings as you tag. Once a tag has been added to the entity, it appears below that entity name.