Saving you time and effort, while providing more insights into the economic impact of your research

Aug 2016

The August 10, 2016 release of SciVal provides the underlying patent data to measure your economic impact, in addition to helping you save time and effort in populating SciVal with department structures in just a few clicks.

Other enhancements include:

  • The ability to visualize departmental structures more efficiently in MySciVal.
  • Multiple tags selection in MySciVal
  • A new metric has been added in the Overview and Benchmarking modules - the Outputs in top views percentiles
  • Improvements to the export functionality by including outputs in top citation percentiles, by percentile

There is also greater consistency in displaying the researcher’s main affiliation (same as in Scopus).

August 18 release presentation

We presented the latest features to be developed and release for Scival – the presentation gives you an in-depth overview of the new features and benefits.
The presentation is free for you to download and read.

Access Presentation

Discover the underlying data for patent-citation metrics

Get insights into patent-citation metrics by finding out which patents are citing the scholarly outputs of your researchers, institution or research area by clicking on “View list of patents”.

Citing-Patents Count

Populate SciVal with departmental structures

Save time and effort in the creation of departmental structures in SciVal. SciVal provides powerful tools to analyze researchers, groups and departments.

Previously, you could only populate departmental structures in SciVal by one department at a time or automatically through Elsevier’s Profile Refinement Service. Now the population of researchers and departments can be done through quick and easy spreadsheet imports:

  • Start analyzing your departments faster.
  • Save time and effort. Create department structures in SciVal with just a few clicks
  • Give your colleagues a head start. Share the departments you’ve created with your colleagues and give them an instant analysis starting point

Department hierarchies

Import researchers

Outputs in top views percentile in Overview and Benchmarking

Discover the most viewed publications in Scopus and showcase the performance of a prestigious entity whose publications are amongst the most visible publications of the scholarly world.


The field-weighted outputs in view percentiles give users the ability to compare, for example, the highly viewed outputs of two groups of researchers active in different disciplines for benchmarking purposes.