SciVal Trends

SciVal already provides unparalleled flexibility to define and create your own Research Areas.The Trends module gives you the ability to examine these Research Areas in detail, to discover the top performers and rising stars.

What's more, the new Trends module includes usage data from ScienceDirect and Scopus to give an early indication of research visibility and help spot research trends.

The Trends module allows you to identify and analyze:

  • What are the emerging and declining topics in a particular Research Area?
  • Which Countries, Institutions and Authors are the most active?
  • Who are the fastest growing contributors?
  • Whose research is being used the most at country, institution and author levels?
  • Who are the top performers and why are they better than others?

Analyze research trends with usage and citation data

Subject area summary

Subject area summary

  • Get a snapshot of the Research Area you've created to see its performance
  • See the most important keyphrases in a Research Area with the word cloud visualization
  • View the overall research performance, then dig deeper into the activity and impact of the institutions, countries, authors and journals involved in this research

Dig deeper to analyze trends

SV Trends Institution page

  • Visualize subject area trends on interactive maps and charts
  • Analyze performance with new metrics such as Views Count, Views per Publication and Field-Weighted Views Impact
  • Usage information complements citation data to give a complete picture of a Research Area

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