Who uses SciVal Funding

SciVal Funding helps researchers, administrators and research development professionals find new funding opportunities and analyze what is being funding where.

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SciVal Funding provides researchers with tools to uncover new sources of funding, especially from smaller foundations or charities that may be interested in investing in less traditional projects.

Research Administrators

Search and browse comprehensive, accurate and current funding opportunities, then distribute them to relevant researchers to help increase your institutional funding.

Senior Academic Staff

Link SciVal Funding to the Funding Discovery Module in Pure to provide your researchers with fully targeted funding opportunities. Then efficiently track, monitor and manage your researcher'’'s progress through the funding discovery process using dashboards, reports and more.

Government & Funding Agencies

View the past funding success of institutions and researchers along with the funding bodies that have awarded them grants in the past for funding performance measurement, evaluation and strategic planning.

Navigating the research funding environment

An injection of new research funding into the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health through the federal stimulus package will provide new opportunities for junior researchers seeking critical grant funding.

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