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Built on the widest range of trusted, high-quality, interdisciplinary research, ScienceDirect helps you find answers to your most pressing research questions, stay on top of your field and gain in-depth insights into trending research topics as you take your next steps in discovery.

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From foundational science to new and novel research, 25 million researchers a month count on ScienceDirect. Use the research community’s leading platform to stay ahead, discover more breakthroughs and manage your research.

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Discover more from over 2,500 scholarly journals, including over 250 fully Open Access publications and 39,000 reference books — personalized recommendations and Topic Pages make it easy to find the highest-quality and most relevant interdisciplinary research in less time.

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Books and Journals are used together 500,000+ times per month on ScienceDirect.

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Serving academic institutions, governments and companies across all industries, ScienceDirect helps to drive productivity and spur innovation with intelligent features that support smarter research.

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Leading organizations around the world trust ScienceDirect to help them discover novel interdisciplinary research and achieve new breakthroughs. Hear from our customers about how ScienceDirect has helped them achieve more.

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Explore the resources you need to get the most from ScienceDirect. From information and tutorials to the ScienceDirect support center, you’ll learn the best ways to power effective research workflows.

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ScienceDirect provides me detailed information about my topic in very short span of time. All the content is authentic so I need not waste time looking for the verification of it, increasing yield tremendously.

– Neurosurgeon, Hospital India

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