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ScienceDirect focuses on empowering you within the world of research to help you stay ahead in your field, discover more breakthroughs, accelerate the pace of discovery and manage your research.

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ScienceDirect easy to use.
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Stay ahead

Staying at the forefront of your research field means keeping on top of the latest developments. ScienceDirect provides targeted recommendations based on what your peers are reading, uses article metrics like citations and social mentions to help you evaluate a scholarly article’s relevance  and alerts you of new publications.

  • Recommendations on ScienceDirect open the door to new paths of discovery by finding interdisciplinary research based on your recent signed in activity;
  • Citations from Scopus help you evaluate the relevance of the scholarly articles you have found more quickly, without needing to read an entire article first;
  • Powerful search and alerts ensure you find the latest studies in your field.

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Did you know? Researchers spend nearly
25% of their week looking for and reading articles.



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Discover more breakthroughs

Finding relevant content has never been so easy—and it may lead to your next big breakthrough. ScienceDirect connects you to topics to get you up to speed faster and accelerate the pace of discovery.

  • ScienceDirect Topics provides introductory overviews to help you understand and interpret scientific literature;
  • Recommendations on ScienceDirect uses your signed in activity to find interdisciplinary research that can open the door to new paths of discovery;
  • Powerful search and alerts ensure you find the latest studies in your field.

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9 out of 10 researchers says
ScienceDirect shortens
the research process.

Personal Recommender added information that I had not found myself, sparking a new line of thinking and bringing my attention to areas outside my immediate sphere of interest.

– Chairman, Small Pharmaceuticals Company, UK

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Manage your research

It can be a challenge to keep track of all the latest research. ScienceDirect effortlessly connects you to a broad range of scientific literature and content via a single user-friendly platform.

  • Reading History keeps track of what you’re reading and ensures you can find useful articles again when needed;
  • Enhanced Reader provides additional information, including inline author and reference links with abstract preview, citing articles and recommended articles;
  • Easily share scholarly articles or chapters via on-screen social media icons, or file for future reference by exporting to Mendeley or another reference manager;
  • Remote Access keeps you connected to your research on any device, no matter where you’re working.

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ScienceDirect shortens the research process, saving an average of 47 minutes a day.

Our students prefer a resource that is not bound by time of day or single format. Ebooks allow them to work where they will at whatever time is convenient and to carry their book with them on their preferred access device.

– Librarian, Stanford University, US

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Reading History helps you keep track of articles you have viewed

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