Reduce E&P costs and boost operational efficiency

By harnessing scientific and engineering data, researchers can cost-effectively identify new technologies and materials, solve specific operational challenges, improve well constructions and completions, and minimize downtime and work-overs.

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How ScienceDirect helps
ScienceDirect’s full-text articles provide scientific information and research data to advance engineering technologies and optimize production. ScienceDirect reveals solutions to specific operational challenges – e.g., energy consumption and inputs, and drilling wastewater management – and ways to comply with health, safety and environment policies.

Additionally, ScienceDirect has proven to identify engineering technologies and materials for optimizing production and improving rates of recovery throughout the life of the field, such as enhanced oil recovery.

With Elsevier’s multidisciplinary scientific journals, books, powerful search options and content enrichments, researchers can:

  • Stay at the forefront of scientific research and state-of-the-art technologies
  • Quickly and confidently verify experiments and apply findings
  • Evaluate prospective exploration opportunities
  • Reduce E&P costs by optimizing production and improving recovery rates
  • Meet the latest regulatory requirements

How ScienceDirect knowledge is vital for success at Repsol

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"We don’t do science here in Exploration, but we need to be very close to academia and the institutions doing research." Dr. Carlos Giraldo, engineer and senior geologist, Repsol

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