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Chemical R&D scientists face unmapped territory in their exploration of new growth opportunities. And the discovery of past R&D sparks uncharted product development and innovation strategies. Researchers use ScienceDirect to pursue new chemical applications, leveraging its smart intelligence and multidisciplinary research insights on subjects such as additive manufacturing, nanotechnology and printed technologies.

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How ScienceDirect helps
Optimal decisions emerge from ScienceDirect’s state-of-the-art chemical development and application knowledgebase. With in-depth published insights into market developments beyond the chemical industry, researchers can validate new concepts for product opportunities with speed and confidence.

Needless R&D duplication is eliminated thanks to ScienceDirect’s full-text articles from scientific journals spanning all scientific disciplines. With articles, books, powerful search options and content enrichments, ScienceDirect ensures that researchers can:

  • Position themselves at the forefront of scientific research and groundbreaking developments
  • Quickly and confidently verify experiments and apply findings to new product development
  • Reduce R&D costs by avoiding prolonged, unfeasible projects and experimental dead-ends
  • Get in-depth insights on sustainability and green chemistry, and fundamentally advance sustainable chemical development
  • Accelerate speed to market by leveraging existing, highly searchable, validated research
  • Easily adapt to the latest regulatory changes

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"ScienceDirect offers a vast breadth of information, which is crucial in helping us take our research to the next stage. We saved more than a year of research time and $200 million in scale-up savings by finding the answers we needed in this excellent resource." Llewellyn Corlett, senior researcher and technology leader

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Leverage data, analytics and technological capabilities to help chemical companies choose the right chemistry targets and de-risk the New Product Development process from regulatory pressure

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