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The fresh ideas that advance scientific discovery often come from smart literature insights. To discover those insights and drive scientific innovation, R&D researchers worldwide, from all disciplines, rely on ScienceDirect.

We make balancing corporate demands with product innovations easier. With smart research in millions of scientific full-text publications, ScienceDirect allows corporate researchers, scientists, chemists and engineers to:

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  • Innovate while establishing commercial viability of new products
  • Reach R&D go/no-go decisions faster to meet project milestones
  • Reduce R&D costs including trials and testing
  • Comply with changing regulatory requirements

The impact of ScienceDirect

With its powerful search, analysis and visualization functions making it easier to find reliable answers, ScienceDirect increases your chances of being first to market. Our platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature gives companies the necessary knowledge required to surpass competition, file patents, develop new processes and reduce R&D costs.

In a study among 55,000 corporate researchers, 65% reported that not having access to ScienceDirect would pose a significant risk to their scientific discovery efforts. ScienceDirect makes achieving top business objectives that much easier. The top five ways companies feel empowered by ScienceDirect are:

Within existing product lines generating ideas for new/improved products, extending patent life


Generating ideas that lead to entirely new product lines, patents, intellectual property


Being perceived as an innovation leader by the business community


Lowering the cost of research


Profitable products from targeted research


How will you benefit from ScienceDirect?

Spur innovation

Harness the power of interdisciplinary research

  • Access ideas from multiple disciplines beyond your own
  • Incorporate existing knowledge from other disciplines in all stages of the research process

Improve commercial viability

Validate the feasibility of new ideas so you can:

  • Stay at the forefront of scientific research
  • Quickly and confidently verify experiments and apply findings
  • Easily adapt to the latest regulatory changes

Improve productivity

Quickly access valuable, authoritative content to:

  • Reduce R&D costs by avoiding prolonged, unfeasible projects and experimental dead-ends
  • Accelerate speed to market by leveraging existing, highly-searchable, validated research

What our customers say

Join the leading companies around the world who benefit from ScienceDirect. Here’s what our customers are saying:

A useful product from waste

A useful product from waste | ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect helps a researcher achieve success putting a waste product to good use.

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Avoid the risk of being wrong

Avoid the risk of being wrong | ScienceDirect

A preclinical research leader discusses how access to ScienceDirect in early drug discovery and development can minimize the risks of latestage costs and failure.

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Improve project feasibility

Improve project feasibility | ScienceDirect

Discover how exploration professionals meet the challenge of locating and evaluating potential product sites in increasingly demanding environments

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Corporate Edition

With full access to ScienceDirect’s extensive multidisciplinary literature, you benefit from:

  1. An immediate answer to queries from intelligent search tools, and the right answer to queries regardless of scientific discipline
  2. Faster R&D decisions: no paywall will disrupt your concentration or search activity
  3. More confident R&D decisions because no insights are missedÍž all of Elsevier’s content is searched, even if it is not in your subscription bundle

ROI Study

In an independent study among 55,000 corporate researchers, 97% agreed that multidisciplinary research is highly valuable across all industries

ROI chart

The value of multidisciplinary research

The number of disciplines touched in a search on a trending topic such as hybrid cars touches as many as 28 different disciplines:

pie chart

Groundbreaking innovations

The following white papers showcase the development of three market-leading products that emerged from multi-disciplinary research

  1. White Paper Lasik
  2. White Paper Sharklet
  3. White Paper Curatin A

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