Digital transformation in oil and gas

Build a better digital oil field with ScienceDirect

Scientific research powers digital transformation

The oil and gas industry is embracing digitization. A reshuffling of commodity choices and demand for more environmentally benign energy have changed the playing field.

With a deluge of information and competing technologies, access to trustworthy scientific research can help you understand how to pursue a digital transformation strategy efficiently and decide which technologies to rely on.

ScienceDirect has the tools and information to help oil and gas companies transform, including:

  • Broad-based scientific knowledge so you can get up to speed on the latest research in essential areas, such as remote monitoring and management of oil and gas equipment, wireless sensor networks (WSN), and cybersecurity
  • Custom alerts to keep you abreast of the latest insights, such as limiting production failures, adopting intelligent scheduling, and leveraging algorithmic big data processing
  • Intelligent search tools so you can find answers to the future’s challenges, including oil and gas digitization, automation, industrial internet of things, and disruptive technologies like ubiquitous sensors and next generation analytics
  • Access to ScienceDirect’s database of 3,800 journals and more than 37,000 book titles

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