ScienceDirect helps you to bring innovations to market faster than your competition and inspires fresh thinking

Corporate researchers are under increasing pressure to:

  • Create new ideas and demonstrate commercial viability of products
  • Shorten the time required to make R&D investment “go/no go” decisions and meet project milestones
  • Reduce R&D costs and expensive testing of new ideas
  • Meet regulatory change requirements

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How will you benefit from ScienceDirect?

Improve commercial viability - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

Improve commercial viability

Validate the feasibility of new and improved products quickly so you can:

  • Stay at the forefront of scientific research and stay on top of important discoveries
  • Quickly understand and verify experiments and apply findings
  • Easily adapt to the latest regulatory changes

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Spur innovation

Harness the power of interdisciplinary research by accessing the latest discoveries across multiple research areas.

Read real-life examples of interdisciplinary research driving innovation:

Improve productivity

Quickly access valuable, authoritative content to drive speed and efficiency, in order to:

  • Reduce R&D costs by avoiding prolonged, unfeasible projects and experimental dead-ends
  • Accelerate time to market by leveraging existing, highly-searchable, validated research

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The impact of ScienceDirect

In an independent study, corporate researchers report that not having access to ScienceDirect would pose a significant risk.

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ScienceDirect provides value to corporate scientists and R&D professionals across a range of industries.

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