Support student success with information literacy

Many students ― from undergraduates and graduates to PhD trainees ― struggle to access precise, reliable information for their studies in an ever-expanding and complex information landscape. Librarians know that a student's best defense against information overload is information literacy.

Watch the webinar below or download the infographic to get ideas for increasing information literacy skills in your students so they can thrive within and beyond the classroom.

Hear from others about how best to increase science literacy through a more streamlined understanding of science. This webinar offers views from a student, a librarian, and a platform provider on the invaluable role different stakeholders play in setting students up for success, focusing on aspects of working remotely. Topics discussed include:

  • Identifying scientific knowledge and practices that define science literacy
  • Using ScienceDirect to supplement in-class learning and develop scientific knowledge and practices
  • How a university library can set up students for success
  • Creating a self-directed online science literacy module for students
  • The effectiveness of the ScienceDirect platform for science literacy education
  • How ScienceDirect can be accessed off campus, even when a VPN is unavailable

Infographic: Boosting information literacy

Infograpchic about building information literacy for students at your institutionNo time to watch the whole webinar? This infographic recaps highlights from the discussion, giving you quick ideas for your efforts in building information literacy for students at your institution.

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Do more for information literacy with ScienceDirect

Higher education, group of students learning in the libraryEmbedding ScienceDirect into coursework means that students of any level not only get the right information for their stage learning, but also a powerful platform that supports building information literacy skills.

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More ideas and resources about Information Literacy

Information literacy lesson plan for librarians

This lesson plan offers a customizable teaching structure and an associated tool, the Concept Map. Use this plan to support information literacy sessions for undergraduate students.

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