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ScienceDirect empowers smarter research. Registering on ScienceDirect allows you to personalize your settings, save searches, create alerts, purchase articles and more. Learn how you can customize ScienceDirect for your needs in the ScienceDirect Help section.

Consult the ScienceDirect Electronic Holdings Report for a list of titles available to you.

Reading ScienceDirect articles on your IOS or Android mobile device

Registered ScienceDirect users can read articles on mobile devices and experience:

  • Uncompromised access to full-text articles
  • Easy readability through crisp text and clean graphics
  • A simple search box on every article page
  • One-click PDF downloads to Mendeley

Take the ScienceDirect mobile article video tour and see a different—and better—mobile reading experience for yourself.

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Get the most out of the extensive functionality and content available on ScienceDirect:

  • View our Get started with ScienceDirect video to see how to find more relevant publications, download content and more
  • Get started using ScienceDirect with this Quick Reference Guide (pdf 2.17 mb)
  • View online video tutorials to help you quickly learn how to use ScienceDirect features. Our tutorials are updated when new features are added, so they are always current.
  • Consult the Frequently Asked Questions or learn more about searching, browsing and working with documents in the ScienceDirect Help
  • Please feel free to Contact Us if needed

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