How to run a ScienceDirect eBooks usage report

Last updated August 2016

Elsevier offers administrators monthly or annual COUNTER Code of Practice 4 compliant usage reports through the AdminTool. Usage data is continuously tracked and stored, and administrators receive an email each month when new data is available.

Several types of usage reports are available, including:

Download behavior: This set of reports includes information on overall account usage, and indicates the journals and books which have been downloaded, and the number of times they are downloaded.

Search behavior: This set of reports tracks the number of searches within your account, the average time spent on ScienceDirect, and other user behaviors.

In addition to providing COUNTER COP 4 usage reports, Elsevier is also a SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) compliant content provider. To activate SUSHI services and reports from Elsevier, please complete the appropriate application form from the list below.

Getting Started:

Log in to
If you need to identify the ScienceDirect administrator(s) for your institution or organization, please contact Elsevier customer service.

Reporting details and update timelines:

  • COUNTER compliant reports are available for 2014, 2015 and 2016 YTD
  • All other available reports are available for 2014, 2015, and 2016 YTD
  • Older data is stored and available upon request
  • Reports are updated every month within 7 business days of the following month

Downloading the book reports:

The BR2 report is available under “View COUNTER reports”.

The SD Book reports are available under “view non-COUNTER reports”. In this SD Book reports folder, you will find the following reports:

  • 2b. Full text usage per Reference Work
  • 2c. Full text usage per Book Series
  • 2d. Full text usage per Handbook
  • 2e Full text usage per eBook

All reports can be stored locally. The most-used formats are PDF, crosstab, data and image. You could export the report through the “download” option in the AdminTool.

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