How to create and save alerts on ScienceDirect

Why use a search alert on ScienceDirect?  A search alert will notify you by e-mail when a saved query retrieves new results.

To create an alert

1. Navigate your browser to, then create and run a search

2. On the results page, select “Save search alert”

3. On the Save Search Alert page, complete the following fields:

  • Alert Name - Enter an alert name.
  • Email Address - Enter the e-mail address where notifications of the alert will be sent.
  • Frequency - Select how often you want the alert to run.

4. Select “Save” to save the search alert and return to the search results page.

To change the e-mail address where alerts are sent

1. Update the e-mail address on the “Change personal details and settings” page.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to “ScienceDirect alert settings” and edit.

To sort alerts

1. Click on “Manage your alerts”

2. On this page you can sort alerts by Alert name or Frequency in ascending or descending order.  Do so by selecting the “Alert Name” column title/arrows or the “Frequency” column title/arrows to change the sort order.

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