Activating and using remote access to ScienceDirect

Share this tutorial with your patrons on viewing subscribed books content on when they are out of the access range of your IP or institution. This tutorial was taken from the site, where you can find more tutorials and training resources.

1)  Select the Remote access link at the bottom of the ScienceDirect page. The Apply for remote access page displays.

NOTE: This link will not appear if:

  • you already have remote access set up for your username
  • you have already completed this activation process
  • remote access has not been set up by your institution

2)  Enter your Email address, and select Continue.

NOTE: The Choose organization page may display if more than one account or department is associated with your email address.

If you are not registered in ScienceDirect, the registration page displays.

  • You can register for a personal username and password so you can sign in ScienceDirect and extend your remote access connectivity to 180 days, as well as, use the personalization features available.
  • Select the Continue without registering link.

You will receive an email with a remote access activation link.

NOTE: The activation link expires one hour after you receive it, as noted in the message.

3)  From the email, select the activation link. A message informs you that the activation was successful, and you are prompted to sign in. If you previously skipped the registration, a link is available to register now for your username and password.


  • Signing in with your personal username and password extends your remote access to 180 days.
  • If you do not sign in, your remote access will expire at the end of your ScienceDirect session.

4)  In the Sign in dialog box, enter your username and password (both case-sensitive).

NOTE: You must register in order to receive a username and password. If you have not registered, select Register at the top of the page.

5)  Select Sign in.

6)  The Remember me feature is selected for you. This means that you will be automatically signed in to ScienceDirect on this computer for future sessions.


  • If you are using a public computer, the Remember me feature could allow other people to access ScienceDirect using your sign in information.
  • To prevent this, select the Remember me check box to uncheck it and sign out at the end of your session.

7)  Select your organization and select Continue to open the ScienceDirect home page.


  • The Choose organization page might appear before the Sign in page if more than one account or department is associated with your email address.
  • You have remote access for 180 days once you successfully sign in. Your access will automatically be extended each time you sign into your institution account. If you do not sign in to ScienceDirect for a long period of time, you might need to reactivate your remote access using the link at the top of the page.