ScienceDirect Tutorials

How to Link to Books on ScienceDirect

There are a number of ways to link directly to book resources on ScienceDirect, from search queries to title lists to individual book titles. Follow the instructions below to add links from your institute's website straight to a particular Book Series or Major Reference Work, rather than linking just to the ScienceDirect home page.

How to View Your Institution’s Electronic Holdings Report

From the Electronic Holdings Report page, you can view and download Account-level and Product-level Reports. Account-level Electronic Holding Reports provide content you or your institution have full-text access to. Product-level Electronic Holding Reports provide content available to you that is included in the product/package or website.

Activating and Using Remote Access to ScienceDirect

Share this tutorial with your patrons on viewing subscribed books content on when they are out of the access range of your IP or institution. This tutorial was taken from the site, where you can find more tutorials and training resources.

How to Determine Which Books You Have Full-text Access to on ScienceDirect

Share this tutorial with your patrons so they can easily determine which books your institution has purchased or subscribes to on

How to Create and Save Alerts on ScienceDirect

Why use a search alert on ScienceDirect?  A search alert will notify you by e-mail when a saved query retrieves new results.

How to Export Book Chapters and References to Mendeley

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help your patrons organize their research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. ScienceDirect offers direct export of book citations and PDFs of book chapters to Mendeley via the Mendeley web importer.

Tips and Tricks for Navigating Reference Modules on ScienceDirect

Share these tips on navigating Elsevier's Reference Modules with your patrons!

Navigating Reference Modules on ScienceDirect

Video Tutorial: Navigating Reference Modules on ScienceDirect

View, download, and share this short video with your researchers, professors, and students containing tips for navigating and getting the most out of Reference Modules on ScienceDirect.

Webinar: Views on Information Literacy in Librarianship

Innovative technologies are changing the way research is performed, preserved, and communicated. In this panel discussion, five experts in the field of librarianship shared their views of the role of the librarian in providing the reliable and impactful tools and guidance to enable successful research and learning outcomes.

How to access Books on ScienceDirect via mobile devices

Users can access the ScienceDirect website via the browser on most mobile devices, but they will need to activate the remote access feature if they will be accessing the content from outside your IP address. Once this is turned on, the user will be able to access all the content your institution/company subscribes to on ScienceDirect.

How to Run a ScienceDirect eBooks Usage Report

Elsevier offers administrators monthly or annual COUNTER Code of Practice 4 compliant usage reports through the AdminTool. Usage data is continuously tracked and stored, and administrators receive an email each month when new data is available.