Sample agreements & title change policy

Please click to view a sample agreement for Academic and Government or Corporate customers. Be aware that the details in the samples are fictitious and for illustrative purposes only. Contact Elsevier Sales for the specific details of your ScienceDirect agreement.

No Double Dipping Policy

ScienceDirect has a strict policy not to charge subscribers for open access content. You can read more details about our No Double Dipping Policy.

Collection and title changes

During the year, Elsevier's title portfolio is subject to changes (such as name changes, transfers, discontinuations, add-ons to collections, new title launches).

The Journal Title Lists are updated regularly to reflect these changes.

Once a year the composition of journal collections and editions is adapted to these changes. Usually the new title lists for the next year are available via the Journal Title Lists in August of the year before.

The Book Title Lists reflect any changes in the books portfolio, such as new titles released in the frontlist or the composition of books collections and editions.

Personal Title Communication Service

You can contact your Account Manager or your Sales Support Coordinator if you would like to receive a Personal Title Communication that informs you of any changes to your specific journal holdings as specified in your current subscription agreement. With the Personal Title Communication, you will be informed each quarter about journal title and backfile changes, and once per year about updated journal collection or edition title lists.