MARC Records

Elsevier is pleased to provide high quality MARC records created and delivered by OCLC® to customers who have purchased books on ScienceDirect. MARC records are available at no charge for all books on ScienceDirect. Please note that Elsevier does not provide MARC records for ScienceDirect journals.

To receive MARC records, customers must complete the one-time setup process described below to enable data exchange and MARC delivery via the OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager system. Once the setup is complete, your WorldCat library knowledge base will be constantly updated with holdings data from ScienceDirect, and you will receive MARC deliveries (new, update, and delete records) automatically as your ScienceDirect holdings change. Your catalog will always match your ScienceDirect subscription without the need to place MARC orders for each book purchase or collection.

How To Order MARC Records

If you have already set up automatic MARC deliveries through OCLC, no action is required to get MARC records for your new books order. You will receive MARC records for all books added to your subscription. For forthcoming titles, MARC records are not available until 2-3 weeks after a book is published on ScienceDirect.

If automatic MARC delivery is not yet set up for your library, please follow the steps below.

Email Template To Enable Data Exchange

Subject: Enable Data Exchange for ScienceDirect MARC Records

Dear OCLC Support,

Please configure feeds of our Elsevier ScienceDirect holdings data to WorldCat knowledge base for [insert your institution name].

Elsevier ScienceDirect institutional token:  [copy in the OCLC data exchange token you created in the first step]

Elsevier ScienceDirect customer number: [copy in your ScienceDirect customer number from the first step]

OCLC Library Symbol: [from your OCLC Collection Manager profile]

For detailed instructions on using OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager to manage your ScienceDirect MARC deliveries, please download the OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager Quick Start Guide for Elsevier ScienceDirect Customers.

About OCLC MARC records

OCLC Collection Manager offers a variety of record output formats including MARC21 with MARC-8 or UTF-8 characters, as well as UNIMARC, MARCXML, Dublin Core, and MODS, all with UTF-8 characters.

Sample records can be downloaded here in two formats

How Automated Delivery Works

Diagram of ScienceDirect customer profile system sending continuous holdings data updates to WorldCat institutional knowledge base, which supports automatic MARC deliveries to libraries through OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager

Once automatic MARC deliveries are set up for your institution, OCLC uses Elsevier's secure data exchange interface to download your ScienceDirect Electronic Holdings Report on a regular basis. As shown in the diagram above, automated data exchange ensures that your institutional knowledge base in OCLC WorldCat always reflects the titles currently available in your ScienceDirect subscription. OCLC monitors your institutional WorldCat knowledge base, and automatically sends you MARC records for all books added to your ScienceDirect subscription since the last MARC delivery. In your WorldShare Collection Manager profile, you can also choose to receive update and delete records. Elsevier strongly recommends that choose both these options to ensure that your library catalog stays in synch with your ScienceDirect holdings.


For help setting up MARC deliveries, please contact the Elsevier Customer Service. For help with OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager and questions about MARC deliveries and the MARC records themselves, please contact OCLC Support.