Step-by-step MARC Records instructions: Overview

Elsevier is pleased to provide high quality MARC records created and delivered by OCLC® to customers who have purchased books on ScienceDirect. MARC records are available at no charge for all books on ScienceDirect. Please note that Elsevier does not provide MARC records for ScienceDirect journals.

To receive MARC records, customers must complete the one-time setup process described below to enable data exchange and MARC delivery via the OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager system. Once the setup is complete, your WorldCat library knowledge base will be constantly updated with holdings data from ScienceDirect, and you will receive MARC deliveries (new, update, and delete records) automatically as your ScienceDirect holdings change. Your catalog will always match your ScienceDirect subscription without the need to place MARC orders for each book purchase or collection.

Download the full guide here.

I have an existing OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager account and I have a question or need help with MARC record delivery

Please be aware: resolution time will vary based on the complexity of your request.

If you have questions or would like to learn more:

I want to create an OCLC WorldShare account and enable MARC record delivery

Please note, this process may take up to 3 weeks to complete.

Lets get started by:

Step 1

Setting up an account

I don't know if I have a WorldShare Collection Manager account

Please be aware: checking your OCLC account status may take 15 - 20 minutes.

You can find out if you have an account by doing any one of the following actions:

I do not want to use OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager for MARC delivery but I still want MARC records

MARC delivery has moved to OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager.

Setting up automated MARC record delivery will make your future MARC record downloads faster and easier. Click here to read more on how Elsevier is moving all MARC record delivery via OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager. This service is free for all Elsevier e-book customers and this account is separate from other OCLC services you are currently subscribed to.

How automated delivery works:

Automated Delivery | ScienceDirect

If you so not wish to use Collection Manager, MARC records can be requested and delivered via email. Please note: email delivery of MARC records may take between 20 - 25 working days.

Email delivery of MARC records will not establish a WorldShare Collection Manager account. It will not enable any future delivery of MARC records, so you will need to request MARC records each time you purchase a new book on ScienceDirect.

Do you still want to use email as the delivery method for your MARC records?


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