Setting institution-level article locator preferences

To set up Article Locator preferences for users at your institution, the Elsevier web server can “push” cookies to web browsers so that users will link directly to an article on the appropriate Elsevier product that you’ve selected for them.

The so-called “cookie pusher” script is normally activated via icons or images that appear on your library’s resource page or your institution’s home page. The URL for such an image is actually a link to the Article Locator cookie pusher script.

The Generate Cookie Pusher URL tool will generate a customized cookie pusher for your institution. Four simple steps will help you create a customized cookie pusher URL.

Step 1. Launch the Generate Cookie Pusher URL tool (accessible via Select the Available Website(s) to which the article locator should redirect your users and click <Add> so that your selections appear on the right-hand side under “Selected Websites.”

Select Preferred Website Image

Step 2. Next, enter an image URL or a website link for your redirect. This is where users will be redirected to once the cookie has been set.

Enter Image URL

Step 3. Click the <Generate Cookie Pusher URL> button to display the custom link for the cookie pusher.

Generate URL

Step 4. Copy the generated link to your website. When users click the link, their web browser cookies will be set automatically. The example below shows the URL that will create a cookie to direct users to view articles on ScienceDirect, even if the same articles may be available on other Elsevier products to which your library subscribes.

Generated URL