Improving repository services at your institution

ScienceDirect APIs improve the coverage and discoverability of content on your institutional repository to help you maintain a comprehensive, accurate and timely scholarly record. Your IR will be enhanced in several ways:

  • Automatic ingestion of metadata and abstracts of all articles by authors affiliated with your institution
  • Users can easily identify and link to the best article version available to them, whether it’s the final version embedded on your repository, on ScienceDirect or via an accepted manuscript locally hosted on your IR
  • Enhance your compliance with funding body and publisher policies by automatic ingestion of embargo end dates
  • Ensure readership statistics of articles are included in reports to authors and institutional stakeholders

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Explore the benefits of ScienceDirect API services for institutional repositories

The ScienceDirect API services are available to all IRs free of charge upon acceptance of the basic terms and conditions as set out in the ScienceDirect amendment or via an agreement for non-ScienceDirect customers.

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Institutions using DSpace can additionally benefit from Elsevier plug-ins. These plug-ins facilitate optimal integration of ScienceDirect APIs within your repository.

Read more about the plug-ins on the Elsevier developers site, under the paragraph: “adding ScienceDirect content to an institutional repository.

ScienceDirect API services integrated with Elsevier’s Pure Portal

We have made it easier for institutions using Elsevier’s Pure Portal to access the best available versions of articles by your institution’s authors, as well as to see embargo end dates and licenses for author manuscripts accepted for publication in Elsevier journals.

Two ScienceDirect APIs are now integrated within our newest release of the Pure Portal:

  • ScienceDirect Entitlement API: Detects when a Pure user has access to full-text articles by authors at your institution that are published in Elsevier journals and automatically displays the full-text links (to ScienceDirect) on Pure. Additionally, the ScienceDirect Entitlement API ensures open access publications are identified and immediately made available.
  • ScienceDirect Article Hosting Permissions API: When a Pure user uploads an author’s accepted manuscript from an Elsevier journal on ScienceDirect, Pure automatically sources the manuscript’s embargo end date and Creative Commons’ end-user license for the version uploaded. This integration enhances compliance with funding body and journal policies through automatic ingestion of embargo end dates and licenses at the article level.

These APIs ensure all full-text usage generated through the Pure Portal will be reflected in your library’s monthly usage reports for ScienceDirect.

Pure aggregates your organization's research information from numerous internal and external sources, and ensures the data that drives your strategic decisions is trusted, comprehensive and accessible in real time.

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New pilot project to embed author accepted manuscripts in IRs using ScienceDirect API Services

We invite you, as a ScienceDirect customer, to join a new pilot program that will embed author accepted manuscripts into your institutional repository. This pilot is an extension of our existing ScienceDirect API Services Program.

Our APIs will link users affiliated with an institution not subscribed to ScienceDirect, to an online reading version of an author’s accepted manuscript that Elsevier will provide. Author accepted manuscripts will be embedded within your institutional repository after the relevant article’s embargo period has ended.

To express your interest in participating in our new author accepted manuscripts pilot program, register with us.

If you have questions about Elsevier’s ScienceDirect API Services for IRs, please submit them via email to