Admin Tool

The Admin Tool helps librarians and other administrators manage and customize ScienceDirect for their institution. Typically, an administrator is assigned at the time ScienceDirect is first activated.

Download the Admin Tool Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 930 KB)

You can use the Admin Tool to:

Get Access to the Admin Tool or Find Your Administrator

If you want to become an Admin Tool administrator for your institution or need to identify the existing administrator(s), please use the Elsevier Customer Service Form. In the “Contact Reason” section of the form, choose Access and enter details in the text box, such as, Set up access to the Admin Tool.

Get Help with the Admin Tool

Context-sensitive Help is available for almost every task you perform in the Admin Tool. Look for the “Help” link (usually located in the top right hand corner of each page) when you need instructions or information related to a page you are viewing. For assistance, please visit Admin Tool Support Center.