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Guest users on ScienceDirect, as well as registered users from subscribing institutions, are able to purchase articles and chapters individually with a credit card. Access is available immediately and includes HTML and downloadable PDF versions of the purchased content.

After finding an article to purchase, users add their selection to the shopping cart and proceed to check out. We also recommend that users verify they have selected the correct content before confirming the transaction. To validate your purchase:

  • Refer to the abstract
  • Look above the article heading at the type of content and check the volume and issue number and the number of pages (see image below)
Available to

Guest users and registered users from subscribing institutions

Content Collection

Almost any non-subscribed content in the ScienceDirect database, including millions of full-text articles, chapters from major reference works, e-books, journal archives (reaching back to 1823) and pre-1995 book backlist..
See the list of excluded content for exceptions.


Browse and search all journal and books content on ScienceDirect.
View abstracts in references of HTML articles where available.


Full ScienceDirect functionality, including full-text searching, CrossRef linking and personalization.

Additional Content Options

Pay-Per-View can be used as a supplement to your regular subscriptions.

Usage Reports

Not available

Post-termination Access Rights

Access to downloaded full text for 48 hours, with the ability to print and store documents for future reference

Subscription Period

One-time purchase


US$31.50 per article or chapter for most Elsevier content. Select titles are priced between US$19.95 and US$39.95 (subject to change). Pricing for third-party journals is set by the publisher. These types of content are always free: Advertisements, Announcements, Calendars, Contents Lists, Editorial Board Listings, Front Matter of all Book Types, Publisher's Notes, Errata, Duplicates, Retractions, Removals, Personal Reports.

ScienceDirect offers a growing amount of open access content.

How to Purchase

Users find content directly on ScienceDirect and purchase with a credit card.