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Today’s most pressing research questions require interdisciplinary answers. Researchers must effectively navigate a range of different – and sometimes unfamiliar – topics.

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“I already have journals … so why do I need books?”

Books provide the baseline understanding a researcher needs when tackling a new subject area. Written by experts, Elsevier books go through a rigorous publishing process to ensure quality.

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Insights at your fingertips

With advanced technology, the trusted content from ScienceDirect Books is surfaced to users at the relevant point in their research.

We are continually developing new ways to make the research process more efficient for our users, so they spend less time searching and more time doing groundbreaking work. For example, users can access 330,000 concepts and terms defined by authoritative sources on ScienceDirect topic pages – all within their workflow.

Boost your usage

When users have broad access to books and journals, their overall ScienceDirect usage is higher.

  • 500,000 to 600,000 co-usage sessions per month
  • 13 million visits per month to ScienceDirect Topics
  • Better ROI on your ScienceDirect subscription

Help your researchers become more productive by adding books to ScienceDirect. Contact us to learn more.

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