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Increase knowledge through access to the latest scholarly articles, as well as a rich archive of literature dating back to 1823. ScienceDirect includes more than 2,650 peer-reviewed scientific, technical and health journals spanning 24 major scientific disciplines. Connect with the historical record plus the most current research in any subject of interest to inspire learning, research and innovation.


New journals

Elsevier continues to add journals to ScienceDirect. See an overview of recently added titles or view journals expected to publish on ScienceDirect within the next 12 months. (Please note that the publishing schedule for upcoming titles is subject to change and all information should therefore be considered tentative.)

Journal collections

Give your library users access to additional journal titles through one of our collections, editions or article packages.

The Freedom Collection is available to only academic ScienceDirect Complete customers; it offers access to additional Elsevier journals that are not part of a Complete subscription.

The Special Journal Collections include some of the most prestigious titles published.

Subject Collections offer a cost-effective way for any ScienceDirect Complete customer to gain access to a rich collection of journals curated by specific fields of interest.

Titles in the subject collections

Not all titles are included in various discounted Collections due to limited contractual arrangements. The Included/Excluded Titles list is subject to change as electronic rights for any given title can change as determined by the publisher or society.

Included/excluded titles

Journal title lists

See the complete list of journal and book titles available on ScienceDirect or discover the titles to which your organization subscribes. You can also review the detailed information about our journal title lists.

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Journal editions

Gain access to a collection of journals and books tailored to the needs of your organization, such as corporations focused on research & discovery (R&D), government research agencies or two- and four-year baccalaureate institutions.



Journal backfiles

ScienceDirect Backfiles provide access to historical packages of journals published prior to 1995, some of which go back to Volume 1, Issue 1.

Subscription and payment options

With a wide variety of options for how to access the latest interdisciplinary research, ScienceDirect offers an access model that will work for you.


Seamlessly connect to the answers you need with foundational information from Elsevier books – cited more than books by any other publisher. ScienceDirect provides access to more than 42,000 books that help researchers gain the insights they need to get ahead.

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More depth, more relevance
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With an average of 16.5 citations per book, our reference books provide researchers and students with the context they can trust to gain knowledge and develop deeper insights.

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Answering user needs no matter their level of expertise

ScienceDirect offers different content types that work in harmony to deliver the best source of knowledge, no matter what level of knowledge or research stage a user is at.

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Unlock the power of co-usage

Whether conducting a broad subject overview or an in-depth analysis, books and journals work in harmony to impart users with knowledge, nurture insights and illuminate new paths for discovery. Using the many cross links embedded in publications on ScienceDirect, users can move seamlessly between formats across topics and disciplines.

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Filling content gaps

Choosing the right content for the library is challenging. Data tools including gap analysis, co-usage and citation analysis help empower the research and scholarly community.

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Make your library more portable for students

Provide a dynamic learning experience for your patrons with textbooks on ScienceDirect.

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Open & complimentary access

Many authors want their research to be available to anyone with an internet connection. Elsevier is a leading gold open access publisher and among the largest publishers of green open access. We host a growing number of open access journals with no subscription charges, as well as provide free access to archived research or complimentary access content. The majority of our journals and books also offer the option for authors to publish individual articles or chapters via open access.

Gold & green open access

Articles and book chapters published through open access models are free for everyone to read and use.

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ScienceDirect Topics

When users encounter unknown terms and concepts, they require contextual information to enrich their knowledge. Over 362,000 Topics pages on ScienceDirect help users on their path to deeper understanding by connecting them to key topics and critical contextual sources.

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How Topics work

Bring the path of discovery into researchers’ natural research workflow. ScienceDirect Topics combines cutting-edge technology with essential content to enhance the research process. They make it simpler for researchers to explore comprehensive and credible interdisciplinary research and knowledge.

For researchers and academics

Using smart technology and innovative algorithms, ScienceDirect Topics integrates select book and journal content using natural language processing tools. It creates an interactive, seamless and convenient reading experience to improve the research process for researchers, academics and students.

For authors

Creating a bridge between journal articles and book chapters, ScienceDirect Topics places your book content within researchers’ natural paths to discovery. It places relevant chapters directly in multiple research workflows to help foster insight and speed understanding of related topics.

For librarians

Fostering insight and guiding your researchers on their path to discovery, ScienceDirect Topics provides the most complete picture of researchers’ needs, revealing the true demand for content to help you determine if they are using the most reliable and accurate resources.

Additional resources

Learn more about how Topics pages on ScienceDirect supports users of all levels of experience and expertise with these articles and resources.