Case Study: How a Mid-Market Biopharma Company Avoids the Risks of Being Wrong

A pre-clinical research leader discusses how access to ScienceDirect in early drug discovery & development can minimize risks of late-stage costs and failure

Limiting early-stage research to only abstracts and excerpts increases the risk that essential information is overlooked, which can result in substantial costs later on. Find out how a pre-clinical research leader avoids these risks by using ScienceDirect.

How a mid-market biopharma company avoids the risks of being wrong - ScienceDirect | Elsevier Solutions


Pre-clinical research leader Roger Parker’s primary tasks when working in early-stage drug discovery for pharmaceutical and biotech companies are investigating potential new molecules and validating methods of action. He needs access to reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive scientific information. Failure to conduct thorough literature research in early-stage R&D can lead to significant problems because it may keep him from seeing serious issues until later stages.


ScienceDirect provides Parker with access to full-text articles online, not just abstracts and excerpts. That means he sees graphs and the actual data that can ensure he gets context and understanding as to why something was done and not just how. Being able to review the full article prevents him from moving on to the next phase without being sure of what has been done before and how well previous compounds or formulations worked.

Roger Parker quote - ScienceDirect customer story | Elsevier Solutions

"You can be wrong in academia, but it’s a huge risk to be wrong in drug discovery." Roger Parker, Pre-Clinical Research Leader


ScienceDirect helps Parker improve R&D productivity and make validation processes more efficient, resulting in time and cost savings. Another benefit of being well-vetted on the scientific front is that it can improve the rate of success in qualifying for government grants, compared to the competition.

Roger Parker quote - ScienceDirect customer story | Elsevier Solutions

"Having access to the full-text articles from all relevant disciplines in one place is very valuable and very efficient and ensures you are well aware of what your competition is doing." Roger Parker, Pre-Clinical Research Leader

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