ScienceDirect customer stories

Thousands of R&D professionals worldwide conduct research for companies ranging from niche start-up research firms to global industry leaders. While their goals are diverse, there is a common reliance on ScienceDirect to drive research forward.

Outperforming the competition

Featured customer story

Producing a new monomer based on biological feedstock quickly and inexpensively. ScienceDirect saved this company $200 million and a year of research.

"Effective R&D demands that we keep track of other teams’ progress, watch for potential limitations and make appropriate modifications at every stage. ScienceDirect makes it easy to track those developments across thousands of sources which is why it’s an integral part of our R&D process."

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Pharmaceutical R&D

Avoid the risk of being wrong

Avoid the risk of being wrong | ScienceDirect

A pre-clinical research leader finds that access to full-text articles in ScienceDirect reduces his risk of missing critical information that could be costly in later stages.
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Improve R&D productivity

Overcoming commercial, technical and regulatory challenges in a global animal health company

A Senior Executive Director at a global animal health company and his team share how ScienceDirect has become a 'go to' information source for determining the commercial and technical feasibility of a new drug.
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Keep up to date with research

How ScienceDirect boosts competitiveness  
  in the medical device industry

A global healthcare solutions company relies on ScienceDirect to tap into the latest industry information and product innovations with automated alerts.

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Chemical R&D

Create a useful product from waste

Transforming a by-product into a new product

A research director of a chemical company used ScienceDirect to put an end to a stalled R&D program, providing critical insights to turn recycled waste into products that make a difference.
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Stay on top of regulatory change

Interview with an Environmental Manager at a Leading Specialty Chemicals Firm

An environmental manager at a chemical company leverages ScienceDirect in her environmental health and safety efforts to keep the facilities running smoothly and in compliance with regulations.
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Spur chemical innovation

Leveraging Global Scientific Developments To Spur Chemical Innovation for a More Sustainable World

R&D costs and time increase with unnecessary testing and experimentation. Learn how a chemist pursues new ideas and increases project viability using ScienceDirect.
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Oil and Gas

Improve project feasibility

How ScienceDirect knowledge is vital for success at Repsol

Oil and gas exploration professionals at Repsol use ScienceDirect to confidently identify locations as potential product sites in increasingly demanding environments.
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Increase yield with current research

Increasing yield by 40% in an unconventional way

ScienceDirect helps an exploration and production team meet deadlines without significant capital investment by creating a predictive geological model for enhanced oil recovery.
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Chemical innovation in the oil industry

Integrated Oil & Gas Industry - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

A leading oil and gas company uses ScienceDirect to exploit literature research, leading the way to exciting opportunities in an evolving industry.

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Making an impact

Making an impact - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

A leading provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions relies on ScienceDirect to respond to the constant pressure to keep up with market and competitor developments.

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