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As the leading platform of peer-reviewed literature, ScienceDirect helps improve research performance for scientists, teachers, students, healthcare professionals and information professionals in academic institutions, governments and corporations. Learn how ScienceDirect has helped researchers to move their research forward.

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ScienceDirect improve research performance | Elsevier
academic - picto illustration | Elsevier

Academic and government

Discover more breakthroughs by quickly getting to the most relevant publications and interdisciplinary research. ScienceDirect’s sophisticated search and retrieval tools help you navigate content from a variety of external sources to help you find the scholarly articles and peer-reviewed literature you need on your path to discovery.


Making interdisciplinary connections


As the Fourth Industrial Revolution dawns, the University of Johannesburg is pursuing a mission to be an innovative research enterprise. ScienceDirect is supporting their efforts by helping to cut through the information overload.

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Research of the Past Jahn - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

Past research informs today’s scientists


Distinguished academician Dr Bor-Ming Jahn, renowned for his studies in the field of geochemistry, illustrates the importance of contemporary scientists and researchers having access to older research articles.

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Books in motion -ScienceDirect | Elsevier

Using books to fill information gaps


It’s difficult to stay on top of new knowledge in a world of rapid technological and scientific advancement. Scientist Sumita Mitra, who works at a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, turned to books to help fill information gaps.

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Critical mass of content - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

A critical mass of content on one platform


The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, a consortium of 15 institutions, recently decided to purchase books on ScienceDirect. Learn about the factors that drove their choice, and the impact they are seeing from it.

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Pre-1995 Backfiles Indonesia - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

Influencing pedagogical development


Learn how ScienceDirect’s pre-1995 research journals help ensure graduate students are prepared—both for the rapidly changing landscape of the industries, and to engage in the intellectual discourses of the academic world.

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Pre-1995 Backfiles AU - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

The old ushers in the new


Learn how ScienceDirect’s pre-1995 Backfiles are essential to new breakthroughs by ensuring researchers can learn from past knowledge rather than repeating experiments that have already been captured in scientific literature.

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SD Topics - ScienceDirect | Elsevier

Discovering new information resources


Discover a real-world example of how ScienceDirect Topics has supported users in the education market to explore original research and increase their level of confidence.

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partnership-trust - picto illustration | Elsevier

Corporate R&D

Gain and maintain a competitive edge by accelerating innovation and validating your go-to market strategy. ScienceDirect supports innovation and drives R&D by providing the latest interdisciplinary research and scientific discoveries so you can make quicker and more confident decisions.

Oil and gas manufactory | Elsevier

Finding a green solution — fast


Discover how ScienceDirect helped an R&D team at a large diversified global chemical company in need of an optimal bio-based monomer they could use to create a new and commercially successful polymer.

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Green fields brighted by sunlight| Elsevier

Increasing yield by 40% — unconventionally

Oil and gas

Learn about how an E&P team began investigating a low-performing oilfield, only to discover large gaps in data availability on the field in question. ScienceDirect helped them create a predictive geological model for enhanced oil recovery.

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Growing plants from waste products | Elsevier

From waste product to commercial success


A research team at a chemical company needed to transform a waste product into a new soil additive. Their research was at a dead end — until they turned to ScienceDirect.

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Woman engineer using a laptop | Elsevier

When standards change


Changing regulations forced a chemical company to drastically reduce emissions. Learn how their EHS Manager used ScienceDirect to rise to the challenge and remain compliant.

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Chemical factory | Elsevier

Spurring chemical innovation

Oil and gas

When an industrial chemist was driven to create a more sustainable world, he sought out to develop an alternative feedstock for oil-based materials. Learn how ScienceDirect can help researchers stay current on global cross-industry developments.

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Medicine pills | Elsevier

Reducing late-stage risk in drug discovery


Discover how ScienceDirect helped a pre-clinical biopharma research leader reduce the risk of missing critical information that would prove costly in later stages of drug development.

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Assessing feasibility of new drug delivery methods


When a Senior Executive Director and his team were seeking to identify new technologies and vaccines in animal health, ScienceDirect became their go-to source to help determine the technical and commercial feasibility of new drugs, while limiting the chances of failure.

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Scientist workig in lab | Elsevier

Boosting competitiveness in medical devices

Life sciences

Discover how a global healthcare solutions company in the US keeps on top of the latest market innovations and product developments in the field of medical devices and therapeutics with the help of ScienceDirect.

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Companies sharpen their competitive edge

Engineering and technology

Discover how a leading provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions ensures that it keeps up with market and competitor developments.

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Corporate library helps move R&D forward

Information manager

Learn how the Technical Information Center in the Institute of Venezuelan Technology for Petroleum (Intvep) uses the corporate library as an integral part of its research and development efforts.

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