Woodhead publishing and Chandos publishing titles available on ScienceDirect

Empower smarter research with books from Woodhead Publishing and Chandos Publishing on ScienceDirect. Students, teachers and researchers can discover titles covering a range of subjects across multiple disciplines while experiencing:

  • The smart and easy-to-use ScienceDirect interface
  • Chapter downloads with no DRM restrictions
  • Unlimited simultaneous user access to content

Following Elsevier's acquisition of Woodhead Publishing and Chandos Publishing in August 2013, subscriptions to titles from these publishers have migrated from Woodhead Publishing Online (WPO) and Chandos Publishing Online (CPO) to ScienceDirect. As a result, institutional access to WPO and CPO is discontinued.

Not an Institutional Customer?

Please see the FAQ for individual subscribers.

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Librarian / Institutional Customer FAQ

A: Please contact our Regional Customer Service team closest to you, who can put you in contact with your Elsevier Account Manager.

A: We have tried to ensure a seamless migration to ScienceDirect. However, if you have a problem with access to Woodhead or Chandos content on ScienceDirect, please contact our Regional Customer Service team closest to you with details of the title(s) in question and any supporting information that might help us assist you.

A: Your users are able to discover the breadth Woodhead and Chandos content with ScienceDirect’s smart and easy-to-use interface. ScienceDirect makes it easy to download chapters with no DRM restrictions, and the solution features a range of functionality designed to optimize content. ScienceDirect also enables unlimited simultaneous user access to titles within your institution.

A: Just one. A distributed title, Successful Superfruit Strategy (ISBN 9780857091116), is not available on ScienceDirect. This title was previously integrated into the WPO collections through a distribution agreement that expired with the acquisition by Elsevier. Customers were advised to download this title prior to the decommissioning of the WPO site. However, if you were unable to do so prior to the 25 February 2015 cut off date, please contact our Regional Customer Service team closest to you who can assist you.

A: Yes, existing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) have been re-registered and will resolve to titles on ScienceDirect.

A: You can find Woodhead and Chandos titles on your Electronic Holdings Report, which can be accessed by following these instructions:

  • Open www.sciencedirect.com
  • Click on the "Books" icon in the green banner at the top of the page
  • Click on the link at top right of the page labeled "Electronic holdings reports”

woodhead faq 01

For Books, use the report shown below marked “Serial and Non-Serial Books Content” (please note that report formats may have changed due to new standards; Elsevier makes reports available in multiple formats):

woodhead faq 02

Download the ScienceDirect Electronic Holdings Report Quick Reference Guide (pdf 2.41 mb).

A: As an institutional customer, you can get your usage data for WPO & CPO via the www.metapress.com site as follows:

  1. Sign into the Metapress reader site at http://www.metapress.com using your WPO or CPO Administrative login (you MUST use an administrative login to access your usage data).
  2. Once you are signed in, click the name listed beside "Welcome Back" at the top of the page.
  3. Locate and click on your institutional account name in the "Recognitions" listing.
  4. Click on "Usage" on the right toolbar.
  5. To obtain COUNTER usage data for Books, select the "Book Report 2 (R1)" or "Book Report 1 (R1)" tabs.
  6. Highlight the publisher's name in the list box or select "All Publishers" to report on usage for all publishers hosted by Metapress.
  7. In "Report Source" select whether you would like to view usage data for all publications (report will include 0 usage titles) or "only publications with usage."
  8. Select "Format" to receive the report in either .XLS (spreadsheet) or .CSV (Comma Separated Plain Text) format.
  9. Select "Year" to specify the timeframe to be reported (nota that only partial results are available for the current year).
  10. Select "Generate Report" to create your usage report.
  11. A new window (pop-up) will open allowing you to select to Open, Save or Cancel the report you have created.

A: If you need more help or have additional questions, please contact our Regional Customer Service team closest to you.

Individual Subscriber FAQ

A: On 25 February 2015 the Woodhead Publishing Online (WPO) and Chandos Publishing Online (CPO) websites were closed. If you are attempting to access these sites, one of two things will happen:

If you are at an institution that subscribes to ScienceDirect, you will be redirected to a Books search page where you can search for and then access your titles (or use ScienceDirect’s Advanced Search for Books function).

If not are not at an institution with a ScienceDirect subscription, you will be redirected to the ScienceDirect information site on Elsevier.com. If you feel you have been redirected to this site in error, please contact your institution’s library for assistance. Unless you are a member of an institution with a ScienceDirect subscription, you will not be able to access your titles.

If you find that you cannot access your titles on ScienceDirect, please contact us at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/contactus. Be sure to provide as much detail as you can, such as each book title, and we will be happy to assist you.

A: Learn more about new and available Books on ScienceDirect or shop for books on the Elsevier Store.