Transactional access

If your organization has a ScienceDirect Complete, Standard, Corporate Edition, College Edition or Government Edition agreement, Pre-Paid Articles allows you to read and download articles that are not included in your subscription at a fixed price per article.

Available to

Subscribers to ScienceDirect Complete, Standard, Corporate Edition, College Edition, Government Edition or Business School Edition agreement

Content Collection

Almost any non-subscribed content in the ScienceDirect database, including millions of full-text articles, chapters from major reference works, e-books, journal archives (reaching back to 1823) and pre-1995 book backlist.
See the list of excluded content for exceptions.


Based on the organization's primary ScienceDirect subscription


Full ScienceDirect functionality, including full text searching, CrossRef linking and personalization.

Additional Content Options

Pre-Paid Articles is a supplement to your regular subscriptions.

Usage Reports

Monthly overview of the number of articles used.

Post-termination Access Rights

Access to downloaded full text for 24 hours, with the ability to print and store documents for future reference

Subscription Period

One-time purchase. The bundle expires after 12 months.


Per full-text article charged directly to your organization's account. (Viewing abstracts from a search or reference link is always free.) Pricing for third-party journal articles may vary.

How to Purchase

To learn more or check pricing, see or contact Elsevier Sales.