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Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering on ScienceDirect

Explore the Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering on ScienceDirect

The Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering covers all aspects of this interdisciplinary area of study. Overseen by Editor-in-Chief, Jan Reedijk, it in contains 10 subsections, each coordinated by an expert subject editor. This Reference Module forms the definitive resource for those entering, researching or teaching in any of the many disciplines making up this interdisciplinary area of study. In addition to a regular supply of new articles, all previously published articles are reviewed for currency to ensure articles are up-to-date, essential for today’s fast-paced scientific world.

Numbers at a glance

  • 5,800+ articles
  • 4,100 contributors
  • 11 editorial board members
  • 27 Major Reference Works
  • 50,000+ images
  • Over 1,400 new or updated articles added since launch

Jan Reedijk

"The interdisciplinary concept enables search in new and emerging areas. It remains up to date, with dates of updates visible to users. This should be accessible to all chemists entering new specialties or updating their knowledge". Jan Reedijk - Editor in Chief for Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering - Leiden University, The Netherlands

Colin F. Poole

"When I taught using the materials in the Reference Module instead of the traditional textbook, I was confident my students were accessing content that is in touch with contemporary practice. The module was able to provide comprehensive coverage of the course material with the flexibility to direct students to tutorials, targeted reviews, and specific applications at a level suitable for their needs.". Colin F. Poole - Editorial Board Member - Wayne State University, USA

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With continuously updated articles from the following Elsevier Major Reference Works:

  • Comprehensive Chemometrics
  • Comprehensive Chirality
  • Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II
  • Comprehensive Glycoscience
  • Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry II
  • Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III
  • Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II
  • Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II
  • Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry III
  • Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering (Second Edition)
  • Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry
  • Comprehensive Natural Products II: Chemistry and Biology
  • Comprehensive Organic Functional Group Transformations
  • Comprehensive Organic Functional Group Transformations II
  • Comprehensive Organic Synthesis
  • Comprehensive Organic Synthesis II (Second Edition)
  • Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry
  • Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry II
  • Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III
  • Comprehensive Sampling and Sample Preparation
  • Encyclopedia of Analytical Science (Second Edition)
  • Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources
  • Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology
  • Encyclopedia of Separation Science
  • Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry (Third Edition)
  • Comprehensive Supramolecular Chemistry II

Plus new articles exclusively commissioned for the Reference Module!

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  • Faculty can easily build a portfolio of reliable course material, hosted online for easy distribution
  • Students can quickly gain an understanding of a new subject at an accessible level
  • Lecturers can be assured students are using authoritative and up to date content to gain foundational knowledge
  • Much wider knowledge resource than a textbook with access to thousands of articles

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  • Hosted on ScienceDirect with links to related journals and books
  • Thousands of articles hosted in one interdisciplinary resource avoiding the need to purchase multiple Major Reference Works
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