Reference Modules

Reference Modules provide subject-focused collections of current encyclopedic and comprehensive articles from Elsevier’s world-leading Major Reference Works, combined with new and exclusively-written articles within the discipline to create one online, authoritative information source hosted on a trusted platform, ScienceDirect. This time-stamped, continuously updated content, curated by an expert Editorial Board, is built for the demands of today’s research environment to support researchers’ seamless success.

Reference Modules are the one-stop subject solution

  • Continuously advancing: Content is continuously reviewed, updated, commissioned, and date- stampedAuthoritative
  • Authoritative: Each Reference Module is overseen by an expert editorial board appointed for their stature in their field
  • Cohensive: Covering all areas of the field, the Reference Modules provide understanding of the whole spectrum of the subject, essential for researchers and scholars working across multiple disciplines
  • On ScienceDirect: Links to relevant journal articles and book chapters

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