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In the increasingly competitive world of science and technology, researchers, academics and students are required to push themselves further than ever before. To succeed they must break boundaries and solve complex problems where solutions often transcend the scope of a single subject. This is a demanding and time-consuming challenge and it can be frustrating to try and find the necessary interdisciplinary, foundational and authoritative knowledge in one place. However Elsevier has provided an innovative solution to this problem: Reference Modules.

Reference Modules provide subject-focused collections of current encyclopedic and comprehensive articles from Elsevier’s world-leading Major Reference Works, combined with new and exclusively-written articles within the discipline to create one online, authoritative information source hosted on a trusted platform, ScienceDirect. This time-stamped, continuously updated content, curated by an expert Editorial Board, is built for the demands of today’s research environment to support researchers’ and students’ seamless success.

Reference Modules are the one-stop subject solution

  • Continuously advancing: Content is continuously reviewed, updated, commissioned, and date- stamped
  • Authoritative: Each Reference Module is overseen by an expert editorial board appointed for their stature in their field
  • Comprehensive: Covering all areas of the field, the Reference Modules provide understanding of the whole spectrum of the subject, essential for researchers and scholars working across multiple disciplines
  • On ScienceDirect: Links to relevant journal articles and book chapters
  • Foundational: Reference Modules provide the fundamental understanding of a subject, essential for students and interdisciplinary researchers needing an up to date and accurate overview of the field

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