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For 125 years, the name Elsevier has been synonymous with excellence in publishing.

That tradition continues: the thousands of journals we publish today include the world's most respected medical, scientific and technological publications.

Each year, Elsevier publishes more than 250,000 articles and adds hundreds of new journal titles to our catalog, expanding the vast research database that we offer our subscribers.

New journals 2017 (Q3 releases):

Burns Open2468-9122Open Access 
IFAC Journal of Systems and Control2468-6018 Included Freedom Collection
Joule2542-4351 Delayed Open Archive 12 Months embargo
The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health2352-4642  
Materials Today Physics2542-5293 Included Freedom Collection
Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Innovations, Quality & Outcomes2542-4548Open Access 
New Horizons in Clinical Case Reports2352-9482Open Access 
Oncology Signaling2542-5633Open Access 
Petroleum Research2096-2495Open Access 
Revista Científica de la Sociedad de Enfermería Neurológica    (English ed.)2530-299X Included Freedom Collection

New journals 2017 (Q2 releases):

Biotechnology Research and Innovation 2452-0721 Open Access 
Cell Regeneration 2045-9769 Open Access 
Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering 2468-4511   Included Freedom Collection
European Journal of Trauma & Dissociation 2468-7499   
IHJ Cardiovascular Case Reports (CVCR) 2468-600X Open Access 
JSES Open Access 2468-6026 Open Access 
The Lancet Planetary Health 2542-5196 Open Access 
Liver Research 2542-5684 Open Access 
Neurobiology of Pain 2452-073X Open Access 
Online Social Networks and Media 2468-6964   
Opto-Electronics Review 1230-3402   
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría (English ed.) 2530-3120   
Revista de Psicodidáctica 1136-1034   
Revista de Psicodidáctica (English ed.) 2530-3805   
Revue Francophone de Cicatrisation 2468-9114   
Smart Health 2352-6483   Included Freedom Collection
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 2451-9049   Included Freedom Collection
Visual Informatics 2468-502X Open Access 
Water Security 2468-3124   Included Freedom Collection

New journals 2017 (Q1 releases):

Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy 1413-3555   Included Freedom Collection
CASE 2468-6441   
Clínica e Investigación en arteriosclerosis (English edition) 2529-9123   Included Freedom Collection
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2451-9103   Included Freedom Collection
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 2452-3100   Included Freedom Collection
Enfermedades infecciosas y microbiologia clinica (English ed.) 2529-993X   Included Freedom Collection
Enfermería Intensiva (English ed.) 2529-9840   Included Freedom Collection
The European Journal of Psychiatry 2136-163   Included Freedom Collection
Frontiers in Laboratory Medicine 2542-3649   
In Analysis 2542-3606   
The Journal of Space Safety Engineering 2468-8967   Included Freedom Collection
The Lancet Public Health 2468-2667 Open Access 
Molecular Therapy 1525-0016   
Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development 2329-0501   
Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids 2162-2531   
Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics 2372-7705   
Nefrología Latinoamericana 2444-9032   
Neurocirugía (English Edition) 2529-8496   Included Freedom Collection
Otolaryngology Case Reports 2468-5488   
Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry 2468-1717   Included Freedom Collection
Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology 2405-6316 Open Access 
Science Bulletin 2095-9273   Included Freedom Collection
Technical Innovations & Patient Support in Radiation Oncology 2405-6324 Open Access 
Vacunas (English Edition) 2445-1460   Included Freedom Collection

New journals 2016 (Q4 releases):

Advances in Ophthalmology and Optometry 2452-1760   
Aquaculture and Fisheries 2468-550X Open Access 
Boletín Médico del Hospital Infantil de México (Internet English ed.) 2444-3409 Open Access 
Clinical Mass Spectrometry 2376-9998   Included Freedom Collection
Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology 2405-6308 Open Access 
Current Opinion in Toxicology 2468-2020   Included Freedom Collection
Econometrics and Statistics 2452-3062   
Enfermería Clínica (English Edition) 2445-1479   Included Freedom Collection
European Journal of Family Business 2444-877X Open Access 
FlatChem 2452-2627   Included Freedom Collection
HardwareX 2468-0672 Open Access 
International Journal of Surgery Protocols 2468-3574 Open Access 
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety 1553-7250   
Journal of Epidemiology 9175-040 Open Access 
Materials Today Chemistry 2468-5194   Included Freedom Collection
Materials Today Energy 2468-6069   Included Freedom Collection
Medicina Universitaria 1665-5796 Open Access 
Mindfulness & Compassion 2445-4079   Included Freedom Collection
Ophthalmology Retina 2468-6530   
Revista Argentina de Endocrinología y Metabolismo 326-4610 Open Access 
South African Journal of Chemical Engineering 1026-9185 Open Access 
Spanish Journal of Legal Medicine 2445-4249   Included Freedom Collection
Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia 1467-2987   
VideoGIE 2468-4481 Open Access 

New journals 2016 (Q3 releases):

Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica 1017-995X Open Access 
Agri Gene 2352-2151   
Ansiedad y Estrés 1134-7937   
Anuario de Psicología 665-126   
Bioprinting 2405-8866   
Chem 2451-9294   
Clinical Skin Cancer 2405-8645   Included Freedom Collection
Composites Communications 2452-2139   Included Freedom Collection
Computational Toxicology 2468-1113   
Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2452-2236   
Forensic Chemistry 2468-1709   
Human Microbiome Journal 2452-2317 Open Access 
IBRO Reports 2451-8301 Open Access Included Freedom Collection
Infectious Disease Modelling 2468-0427 Open Access 
International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology 2046-0430 Open Access 
The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology 2468-1253   
Non-coding RNA Research 2468-0540 Open Access 
OpenNano 2352-9520 Open Access 
Physics in Medicine 2352-4510 Open Access 
RAI Revista de Administração e Inovação 1809-2039 Open Access 
REACH - Reviews in Human Space Exploration 2352-3093   Included Freedom Collection
REGE - Revista de Gestão 1809-2276 Open Access 
Revista de Administração 802-107 Open Access 
Revista Argentina de Anestesiología 3707-792   
Revista Colombiana de Reumatología (English Edition) 2444-4405   
Revista Española de Podología 2101-238 Open Access 
Revista Latinoamericana de Cirugía Ortopédica 2444-9725 Open Access 
Rhizosphere 2452-2198   Included Freedom Collection
Surfaces and Interfaces 2468-0230   
Transplantation Reports 2451-9596 Open Access 
Underground Space 2467-9674 Open Access 
Veterinary and Animal Science 2451-943X Open Access 

New journals 2016 (Q2 releases):

American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports 2451-9936 Open Access 
Annals of Agrarian Science 1512-1887 Open Access 
Atención    Familiar 1405-8871 Open Access 
Bioactive Materials 2452-199X Open Access 
CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology 2468-2322 Open Access 
Central    Bank Review 1303-0701 Open Access 
Chinese Journal of Physics 5779-073   
Cirugía y Cirujanos (English Edition) 2444-0507 Open Access 
Clinical Neurophysiology Practice 2467-981X Open Access 
Debate    Feminista 1889-478 Open Access 
Engineering 2095-8099 Open Access 
Future Computing and Informatics Journal 2314-7288 Open Access 
Gastroenterología y Hepatología (English Edition) 2444-3824   Included Freedom Collection
Green Energy & Environment 2468-0257 Open Access 
Hellenic Journal of Cardiology 1109-9666 Open Access 
Horticultural Plant Journal 2468-0141 Open Access 
Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 2352-9148 Open Access 
International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean    Engineering 2092-6782 Open Access 
JACC: Basic to Translational Science 2452-302X Open Access 
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine 9759-476 Open Access 
Journal of Commodity Markets 2405-8513   Included Freedom Collection
Journal of the Egyptian Society of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 1110-578X Open Access 
Journal of Industrial Information Integration 2452-414X   Included Freedom Collection
Journal of Innovation & Knowledge 2444-569X Open Access 
Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience 2468-256X Open Access 
Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices 2468-2179 Open Access 
Kidney International Reports 2468-0249 Open Access 
Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms 2451-9944 Open Access 
Pacific Science Review A: Natural Science and Engineering 2405-8823 Open Access 
Pediatric Hematology Oncology Journal 2468-1245 Open Access 
Plant Diversity 2468-2659 Open Access 
Porto Biomedical Journal 2444-8664 Open Access 
Procedia Structural Integrity 2452-3216 Open Access 
Repertorio de Medicina y Cirugía 1217-372 Open Access 
Revista Chilena de Cirugía 3793-893 Open Access 
Revista Chilena de Radiología 0717-201X Open Access 
Revista Médica del Hospital General de México 1851-063 Open Access 
Revista Mexicana de Ortodoncia 2395-9215 Open Access 
Revista del Pie y Tobillo 1697-2198 Open Access 
Sustainable Environment Research 2468-2039 Open Access 
Thérapie 4059-57   
Veterinary Parasitology: Regional Studies and Reports 2405-9390   Included Freedom Collection
World Development Perspectives 2452-2929   Included Freedom Collection

New journals 2016 (Q1 releases):

Advances in Radiation Oncology 2452-1094 Open Access 
Agriculture and Natural Resources 2452-316X Open Access 
The American Journal of the Medical Sciences 29629   
Biomedical Journal 2319-4170 Open Access 
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 1517-8382 Open Access 
Chemical Data Collections 2405-8300   Included Freedom Collection
Chest 123692   
Climate Services 2405-8807 Open Access 
Groundwater for Sustainable Development 2352-801X   Included Freedom Collection
Health Professions Education 2452-3011 Open Access 
HPB 1365-182X   
Infection, Disease & Health 2468-0451   
International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology 1996-6814 Open Access 
Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 1544-3191   
Journal of Disease Cause and Control 2452-2228 Open Access 
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 0022-202X   
Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings 1087-0024   
Journal of the National Medical Association 279684   
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing 8842175   
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada 1701-2163   
Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science 2468-0133 Open Access 
Journal of Oncological Science 2452-3364 Open Access 
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2235-49   
The Journal of Sexual Medicine 1743-6095   
Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences 2452-3151 Open Access 
Kidney International 8525-38   
Kidney International Supplements 2157-1716   
Materials Discovery 2352-9245   Included Freedom Collection
Matter and Radiation at Extremes 2468-080X Open Access 
Mexican Law Review 1870-0578 Open Access 
NanoImpact 2452-0748   
Nuclear Energy and Technology 2452-3038 Open Access 
Nursing for Women's Health 1751-4851   
Obesity Medicine 2451-8476   Included Freedom Collection
Pacific Science Review B: Humanities and Social Sciences 2405-8831 Open Access 
Parasite Epidemiology and Control 2405-6731 Open Access 
Pathology 313025   Included Freedom Collection
Perinatología y Reproducción Humana 1875337 Open Access 
Physician Assistant Clinics 2405-7991   
The    Professional Animal Scientist 1080-7446   
Reviews in Physics 2405-4283 Open Access 
Sexual Medicine 2050-1161 Open Access 
Sexual Medicine Reviews 2050-0521   
Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology 2405-805X Open Access 
Transactions    of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute 2346-8092Open Access

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