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Gain a thorough understanding on which to base your research, teaching or studies so you can improve your output and ultimately make an even more significant impact in your field. With over 3,800 peer-reviewed scientific, technical and health journals that span 24 major scientific disciplines available in one place, you can be confident that you are on top of the most current and historical thought in your subject area.

ScienceDirect’s extensive, high quality journal coverage enables you to establish a solid foundation of knowledge to begin or advance your research, teaching or studies. Plus many of our publications are enhanced with interactive elements provided by authors, such as audio, video, graphs, tables and images. Articles also feature embedded links to external datasets, such as Scopus®, PANGAEA ® and Reaxys®. Combine these content extras with each article’s text and you’ll get a thorough understanding of the information landscape before you progress your work.

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