Purchasing options

With several purchasing options available, you’ll have flexible choices about the amount of content, budget investment, and length of access, based on the needs of your library’s user community.

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Tailored solutions to meet your library’s needs

Choose a ScienceDirect purchasing option that suits your preferences for access and acquisition.

Perpetual Collections

Since patrons often don't know beforehand which material they need, Perpetual Collections include a large amount of content in a specific subject area. It’s yours forever for a one-time fee.

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Elsevier’s patron-driven models let you purchase content according to user interest. ScienceDirect includes tools that measure usage data, which you can then use to make acquisition decisions. Up-front fees are applied to the purchase price.

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Access Only Subscriptions

Since patrons often don't know beforehand which materials they’ll require, investing in access-only subscriptions lets them follow their research wherever it leads.

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