Purchasing options

With several purchasing options available, you’ll have flexible choices about the amount of content, budget investment, and length of access, based on the needs of your library’s user community.

Tailored solutions to meet your library’s needs

Choose a ScienceDirect purchasing option that suits your preferences for access and acquisition.

Perpetual Collections

Since patrons often don't know beforehand which material they need, Perpetual Collections include a large amount of content in a specific subject area. It’s yours forever for a one-time fee. Learn more

A Perpetual Collection is a sensible economic investment, particularly for libraries with limited or unpredictable budgets.


  • Purchase content in a given subject area in perpetuity for a one-time fee.
  • Choose frontlist or backlist content from 23 subject collections.
  • All pre-2007 eBooks are available in one collection.
  • Books in these collections are also available on a title-by-title basis (minimum order size applies).


Elsevier’s patron-driven models let you purchase content according to user interest. ScienceDirect includes tools that measure usage data, which you can then use to make acquisition decisions. Up-front fees are applied to the purchase price. Learn more

Get the most current, relevant content in front of your researchers while also building your library’s archival assets year after year. Fees paid up front for the models below can be used to select titles to keep in perpetuity however often you’d like—think of it as a "bank" you can draw from for the duration of the access period. ScienceDirect provides the tools to view and analyze usage data on a self-serve basis, though your sales representatives can guide you through the selection process as well.

Elsevier's range of choices for patron-driven acquisition of Books on ScienceDirect are outlined below, starting with the broadest swath of content down to the most customizable option.

Freedom Collection Books

Immediately unlock a large amount of content that grows each year.

Some libraries need the widest possible range of content possible. With Freedom Collection Books, your patrons have immediate access to the current year’s eBooks as they publish, plus four years of previous content. It’s more economical than purchasing full collections each year.

Insights Library Books

A smaller amount of targeted content that also grows each year.

Not all libraries need all Elsevier content. With our Insights Collection, you select from 11 priority research areas (view full Insights Library Collections 2016 list).

  • Includes immediate access to the current year’s eBooks in targeted subjects as they publish, plus four years of previous content.
  • Upon renewal each year, you retain access to all five years of content plus the new year.
  • At the end of each year, choose content based on actual usage and keep it forever.
  • Option to add backlist content from 2011 to pre-2007 (view full Insights Library Books Backlist)

Evidence-based Selection (EBS)

The most customized option for the specific content your users need.

Evidence-based Selection is a highly customized option that lets you try out content before you purchase it.

  • Includes a year of access to your selected content for a minimal up-front fee.
  • At year’s end, choose content you wish to purchase based on detailed usage reports.
  • Akin to polling patrons individually about their preferences.

Reference Modules (Access Plus)

Reference Modules include the most relevant current research, all of it hand-selected and kept up to date by an expert panel of research peers.

  • Choose from up to five of these curated reference collections and get access to all archive, updated, and new articles as they publish (view list of available Reference Modules).
  • Subscribe at an access-only level or a level that permits perpetual conversion.
  • Under perpetual conversion, your renewal fee can used to purchase traditional reference works to keep in perpetuity.

Access Only Subscriptions

Since patrons often don't know beforehand which materials they’ll require, investing in access-only subscriptions lets them follow their research wherever it leads. Learn more

Corporate Edition Books

Sometimes the most productive moments in research are the least anticipated. You can foster these moments of discovery with the Elsevier Corporate Edition Books.

  • Full access to more than 14,000 titles.
  • Features the most current Elsevier eBook, book series and reference material content in science, technology and medicine.
    (view full Corporate Edition Books Collection list)
  • Also includes our eBooks backlist as a subscription add-on.

Reference Modules (Access Only)

Reference Modules include the most important current research, hand-selected and kept up to date by an expert panel of research peers.

  • Choose from up to five reference collections and get access to all archive, updated, and new articles as they publish (view list of available Reference Modules).
  • Includes option to subscribe at an access-only level that includes the most up-to-date articles as they publish.
  • Also includes an option for perpetual conversion.

College Edition Books

Small two- and four-year academic institutions may also qualify for Elsevier's College Edition Collections, an affordable option that includes eBooks, Book and Handbook Series and Major Reference Works in Health and Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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