Top books coming to ScienceDirect in Economics, Econometrics and Finance

We are following up with you on the customized insights report you received last week with a preview of the upcoming books that would be of greatest interest to your users based on the subjects areas they have been reading lately.

Available in 2017

Probability, Statistics and Econometrics

Probability, Statistics and Econometrics
By Oliver Linton This book contains a concise, yet rigorous, treatment of the field that is suitable for graduate students studying econometrics, very advanced undergraduate students, and researchers seeking to extend their knowledge of the trinity of fields that use quantitative data in economic decision-making.

International Money and Finance, 9th Edition

International Money and Finance, 9th Edition
By Michael Melvin and Stefan Norrbin

Presents an institutional and historical overview of international finance and international money, illustrating how key economic concepts can illuminate real world problems.

A Primer in Financial Data Management

A Primer in Financial Data Management
By Martijn Groot

This book describes concepts and methods, considering financial data management, not as a technological challenge, but as a key asset that underpins effective business management.

Preview of Books coming in 2018*

  • Strategic Industry-University Partnerships
  • Introduction to Quantitative Macroeconomics with Julia
  • Machine Learning Advances in Payment Card Fraud Detection
  • The Economics and Econometrics of the Energy-Growth Nexus
  • Writing for Academic and General Audiences about Economics and Public Policy
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe
  • Smart Economic Decision-Making in a Complex World
  • A Fast and Frugal Finance
  • Risk Adjustment, Risk Sharing and Premium Regulation in Health Insurance Markets
  • The Cognitive Basis of Institutions
  • Spatial Analysis using Big Data
  • Market Insanity
  • Managerial Decision-Making with Behavioral Economics

*Actual book titles may change or move to publication dates outside 2018.