Filling content gaps

Every library has “gaps” in its content that need to be filled. At Elsevier, we monitor global trends in research, analyzing it alongside usage data at your library.

  • Identifying “gaps” in your collection.
  • Recommending strategic content acquisition to fill the need.
  • Keeping your library a step ahead.
  • Bringing your researchers a step closer to their goals.

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Trends in data-driven acquisitions

Patrons rely on you, as a librarian, to be “in the know.” About content, about where to find it, about how to use it.

No doubt you take this obligation very seriously. So does Elsevier. We’re committed to helping you help patrons find the most useful and reliable information for their research.

To assist you, Elsevier keeps track of every time a researcher is unable to find a particular title in your library’s collection. The result is a “gap analysis.”

  • Helps you identify gaps in your collection.
  • This data is studied alongside usage reports and global research trends.
  • The result: you’re equipped to make more strategic purchase decisions.

Gap analysis helps you secure the most relevant content for your researchers.

Download White Paper: 21st Century Libraries: Parallels and Lessons from the Ad Industry

The high cost of “turnaways”

All researchers should have access to the library reference material they need. But that’s not always the case. Many are turned away from their library empty-handed when it doesn’t carry a particular title.

When these “turnaways” happen, the researcher’s options are limited:

  • Continue searching elsewhere, possibly with the help of colleagues at other institutions.
  • Purchase the title on their own—which then ends up on a shelf, unavailable to the rest of the research community.
  • Give up and move on

The power of data

With Data Driven Acquisitions from Elsevier, it’s easier to get patrons the content they need. View librarian Ann Mitchell’s discussion of the impact of switching over to data-driven acquisition at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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