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Today’s researchers have broad, multi-disciplinary workflows. Books and journals work in harmony to impart knowledge, nurture insight and illuminate new paths for discovery.

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ScienceDirect Books + Journals Co-usage

Download the new infographic where we've distilled the important statistics from our analysis of how books and journals on ScienceDirect work together to impart knowledge, nurture insight, and illuminate new paths for discovery.

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At Elsevier, research* has shown us that:

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There is more multidisciplinary usage across topics than ever before

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Researchers use reference books and journals together to get the full picture of a subject

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Users are only getting part of the answer if they only have access to journal content

*2015-2018 ScienceDirect usage data, user interviews, and customer feedback

ScienceDirect supports an uninterrupted workflow by allowing researchers to move seamlessly between the two formats, across topics and disciplines.

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Co-usage of books and journals on ScienceDirect increased by 38% in 2018

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The average number of different book chapters accessed together with journal articles in a typical ScienceDirect co-usage session

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The number of books accessed together with journal articles in the same session daily

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12 million

Made up of eBooks content, ScienceDirect Topics is the fastest growing Elsevier page with over 12 million visits per month

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4.7 million

Over 350,000 topic pages are seamlessly hyperlinked from 4.7 million journal articles

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90% of surveyed users agree that in their work they often use books and journals together

*Based on ScienceDirect 2018 usage data analysis and 2018 user survey

The greatest aspect of ScienceDirect is you can find all relevant information in one place. The interconnected approach really helps to get an overall idea about the whole topic.

– Humayera Kabir, Student, USM

Why add eBooks to your ScienceDirect subscription?

Elsevier eBooks are trusted, impactful and cited more often than other major book publishers in Scopus, leading to better research outcomes for your users. With ScienceDirect eBooks you will:

  • Provide your users with the critical knowledge required to quickly get up to speed and accelerate the opportunities for interdisciplinary success
  • Save researchers’ time and efforts and give more depth and relevance at the exact time of need through ScienceDirect Topics
  • Deliver the best multidisciplinary content coverage, including critical and emerging subject areas
  • Fill your organisation’s resource gaps using actual co-usage data from your institution, so you can enable research breakthroughs

*Based on 2018 Elsevier analysis of Scopus data on publishers that contribute >1% of indexed books with publication date 2013-16, not including book series.