ScienceDirect Backfile Titles

ScienceDirect Backfiles (prior to 1995) and Elsevier Urban & Fischer Journal Archives (prior to 2001) are historical packages of journals, many going back to Volume 1, Issue 1. Together with more recent Backfiles, more than 5 million articles are included in the portfolio.

A Backfiles purchase is available only to those with an existing ScienceDirect subscription.

Types of Backfiles

New ScienceDirect Backfile Titles

Give students, teachers and researchers access to high quality, foundational publications from 18 legacy journals (mainly from societies) on ScienceDirect.

Titles may be purchased individually, however a discount on purchases of 10 or more titles will apply (more information is available from your sales representative). The purchase of these backfile titles guarantees you the same archival rights as our other Backfile collections, and your patrons benefit from accessing these high quality publications via ScienceDirect’s superior functionality.

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Pre-1995 Backfiles

Pre-1995 Backfiles are available to existing ScienceDirect customers in pre-defined collections, meaning you know exactly what you are buying. Backfiles comprise, per main subject area, all pre-1995 journal titles and content, going back as far as Elsevier has the electronic rights (often to Volume 1, Issue 1).

For information on specific titles, check the title lists

Post-1994 Backfiles

ScienceDirect customers can fill in Backfiles for specific titles from 1995 onward that are not included in their current subscription entitlement (four years before subscription date). The purchase is a one-time fee per title at 5% of the current catalog subscription price multiplied by the number of years involved. The Backfiles titles selected must match all or at least be a subset of your institution's holdings.

For information on specific titles, check the title lists

Elsevier Urban & Fischer Journal Archives

Published under the renowned Urban & Fischer imprint, these journals were originally launched as German-language publications. Foundational discoveries by German scientists have made significant contributions to today's global research.
Digitized and available for the first time in electronic format, content from these peer-reviewed, Impact Factor-ranked titles extends from the first volumes published in English (1960s-1970s) to 2000, linking seamlessly with post-2000 Urban & Fischer journals on ScienceDirect.

For information on specific titles, check the title lists.

Elsevier Urban & Fischer Archive:

Immunology &Microbiology

Benefits for Researchers

  • Access to historical precedents and groundbreaking papers that influence today's and tomorrow's research
  • Complete historical collection where available
  • Excellent support tool for teaching and research
  • Efficient, time-saving access on one platform
  • Full citation linking to and from other published articles
  • Sophisticated search options and personalization features
  • Direct linking through PubMed (where applicable)
  • Can be searched via Compendex on ScienceDirect (where applicable)

Benefits for Your Library

  • Ensures a truly complete collection
  • Packages available per subject area to help support your institution's mission
  • Financial savings:
    • No annual fees and perpetual access rights for as long as you remain a ScienceDirect subscriber
    • Less expensive per article than scanning individually, and substantially cheaper than Document Delivery
    • Eliminates storage and administration costs for maintaining paper archives
  • Fully searchable: HTML header, abstracts and references, and the full-text articles are searchable via raw ASCII files in the background
  • Citations, abstracts and references are fully linked and CrossRef-enabled

  • Available to: All institutions and organizations with a ScienceDirect subscription
  • Content Collection: Several subject areas are available. Consult the title lists for details.
  • Functionality: Full ScienceDirect functionality, including full-text searching, CrossRef linking and personalization.
  • Additional Content Options: Post-1994 Backfiles (1995 to beginning of customer subscription), Backfiles supplements, and Urban & Fischer archives are also available..
  • Usage Reports: Available via Usage Reports
  • Post-termination Access Rights: Perpetual access with continued ScienceDirect subscription
  • Subscription Period: One-time payment
  • Pricing: Based on the number and usage of articles in the collection and the institution's number of users. Savings available with the purchase of several Backfiles collections..
  • Eligibility & Purchasing: To learn more or purchase, contact Elsevier Sales.