ArticleChoice® provides a flexible way to access ScienceDirect’s world-renowned scientific journals on an as-needed basis, meaning you only pay for the articles you need. Choose from different bundle options and enjoy all of the functionality of ScienceDirect at a fraction of the price.


Perfect for small to medium-sized academic institutions, and government, corporate and research organizations, ArticleChoice® is an annual subscription based service where you choose your article bundle size and budget, while still benefiting from full ScienceDirect functionality.

For information on large-sized university library or institutional access, please contact our Sales Team.


  • Trusted content from 3,800 peer-reviewed journals and 35,000+ books
  • Full ScienceDirect functionality, including full-text searching, CrossRef linking and personalization features
  • Immediate access, with the ability to print and store documents
  • Annual subscription plan with article bundle size of your choice (5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500)
  • Monthly usage reports available for easy publication purchase tracking, overview of the number of articles and chapters used and the number of downloads still available
  • A quick and easy alternative to document delivery services
  • Download the ArticleChoice® fact sheet (PDF, 303.6 KB)


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5 articles
Price $209.75

Are you looking for large-sized university library or institutional access? Contact our Sales Team for a ScienceDirect quote.

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Is my ArticleChoice purchase tax exempt?

No. Currently does not support tax exempt orders. For additional information on purchasing ScienceDirect tax exempt, please contact our Sales Team.

How do I access ArticleChoice?

Elsevier’s Electronic Customer Service department shall notify the Subscriber when payment has been processed and access has been activated.

How many users can access my subscription plan?

Access to the Subscribed Products shall be authenticated for no more than five (5) Authorized Users by the use of no more than five (5) ScienceDirect registration usernames and passwords provided by Elsevier to the Subscriber.

Can I increase the number of articles to my existing ArticleChoice bundle plan?

No. ArticleChoice is a pre-paid subscription product. You cannot add or subtract articles to a previously purchased bundle. However if additional articles are needed, you can purchase a new bundle from

How many ArticleChoice subscriptions can I buy in a year?

There are currently no restrictions to the number of ArticleChoice subscriptions a customer can purchase in a year.

When does my subscription expire?

Pre-paid ArticleChoice subscriptions will expire after twelve (12) consecutive months post purchase date.

What happens to my unused articles once my subscription expires?

An ArticleChoice subscription will expire after twelve (12) consecutive months post purchase date. Any unused pre-paid transactions shall be forfeited.