Different chemists have different chemistry needs

Chemists across many chemistry organizations and programs use Reaxys. Do you work in the pharmaceutical industry, at a chemical company or an academic institution? Select your industry or sector below to see how Reaxys delivers chemistry data and literature the way you need it.

Reaxys for Pharmaceutical R&D

Pharmaceutical companies need to assess drug candidates early, efficiently and safely. When this process is successful, they make better informed go/no-go decisions. And significantly reduce time to market and R&D costs.

Chemists at pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and CROs choose Reaxys to enhance workflows during:

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Hit identification - Reaxys for Pharma

Lead generation - Reaxys for Pharma

Lead optimization - Reaxys for Pharma

Clinical candidate selection - Reaxys for Pharma

Fast results for the heavily competitive pharma industry

The Reaxys team and technology combine to expertly curate and excerpt chemical literature, compound properties and reaction data. So you save time and enhance early drug discovery processes with results that are relevant and precise.

Chemists and pharmacologists use Reaxys to:

  • Find normalized bioactivity, reaction, and physicochemical property data
  • Filter on specific terms and substructure to rapidly assess large hit sets of bioactivity data
  • Identify the most efficient and economical routes to synthesize compounds
  • Integrate in-house content from ELNs and inventory systems to create a single chemistry portal
  • Stay up to date with the competitive landscape

Explore how Reaxys can help increase the effectiveness of your drug discovery and early development.

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The best source of bioactivity data

Table of substances and targets

To make informed drug discovery decisions, you need high-quality, normalized bioactivity information. This includes structure-activity relationship data. Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is the best source of information for in silico modeling workflows.

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Award-winning retrosynthesis

The computer-aided retrosynthesis

Reaxys Predictive Retrosynthesis improves the accuracy of computer-aided retrosynthesis. It combines prior routes with intelligent algorithms, so you can design the most feasible synthesis route for a novel molecule. Then export your route to an electronic lab notebook along with easy-to-source building blocks.

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What our pharmaceutical R&D customers say

To the best of my knowledge, Reaxys is the only chemistry-centric database that enables users to access reactions, informational substances, and documents covering the in vitro and in vivo spaces.

Dr. Ludovic Tranholm Otterbein, Director of Research Informatics & Operations, Lundbeck

Dr. Rujian Ma portrait image

Dr. Rujian Ma
Vice President of Chemistry
WuXi AppTec

For me, Reaxys is an excellent platform to learn what is new in chemistry. … Reaxys provides our researchers with rich data and comprehensive perspectives for problem solving, and thus ensures that our synthetic work is based on better solutions.

Dr. Pranab Patra portrait image

Dr. Pranab Patra
Director of Chemistry
Jubilant Chemsys

The Reaxys synthesis plans have links to commercial availability databases, including eMolecules. That’s important for us — we always need reliable availability information.

Dr. Guozhi Tang portrait image

Dr. Guozhi Tang
Vice President of Discovery
Ascentage Pharma Group Corporation

The core value of Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is increased productivity. … We’re happy to see the investment in Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is justified.

For interviews and case studies from our Reaxys pharmaceutical R&D customers, visit customer stories.

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Reaxys for Chemical R&D

The chemicals industry is extremely competitive. Projects must perform in the lab and prove their worth in ROI and financial risk analyses … with the clock ticking. Shifting regulations, market needs and customer expectations are constant hurdles.

Chemical companies choose Reaxys to get from concept to market successfully with minimum financial risk. Reaxys helps chemists at critical stages in their chemical projects:

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Project evaluation - Reaxys for Chemicals

Experimental procedure design - Reaxys for Chemicals

Scale-up - Reaxys for Chemicals

Process improvement - Reaxys for Chemicals

The shortest path from idea to product

Increase your productivity with Reaxys. Retrieve accurate and up-to-date information faster. And make the right decisions about chemicals projects at the right time.

Reaxys connects chemists in chemical R&D directly with relevant information to:

  • Optimize synthesis routes
  • Manage yield expectations and by-products
  • Identify desirable chemical properties in intermediate and end products
  • Find up-to-date commercial availability of substances with detailed purchasing information
  • Get a cross-disciplinary view of chemical substance properties and reactions

Reaxys data can also be integrated into existing informatics workflows to facilitate analytics, modeling and sharing.

See how Reaxys can help you overcome challenges and lead to breakthroughs in chemical R&D.

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What our chemical R&D customers say

Reaxys has really streamlined my search for information. I have actually cut down the time I spend by 50%, particularly to find patent information – and I find more and better information than I was getting before.

Dr. Jan Haller, Project Manager and Group Head, Novasep

Dr. Peter White portrait image

Dr. Peter White
Research Chemist

Heterogeneous catalysts can’t be described by a simple formula. The possibility to search by reaction and find catalysts is a great advantage.

Dr. Carsten Schauerte portrait image

Dr. Carsten Schauerte
Managing Director
solid-chem GmbH

I’m impressed with the linking from Reaxys to sources, especially to patent content because navigating the different patent systems can be very time-consuming.

Amit Kumar Tiwari portrait image

Amit Kumar Tiwari
Head of IP & Scientific Database Operations
Hikal Ltd.

Reaxys saves us time, which is truly our most precious resource. We need relevant, authentic data as quickly as possible.

Cheminformatics for the classroom

Cheminformatics picto illustration

Reaxys can broaden the understanding of chemistry for all levels of students: from undergraduate and graduate to post-graduate and beyond.

Reaxys for Education & Basic Research

Faculties at colleges and universities worldwide use Reaxys to advance their chemistry-related research and teaching curricula. Proficiency in Reaxys helps prepare students for future careers in chemistry, medicine and affiliated health fields, art restoration and conservancy, forensics and teaching, as well as advances institutional research in these fields.

Chemistry professors, postdocs, PhD candidates, graduate and undergraduate students and bench researchers all strive for scientific excellence. Depending on individual needs, with Reaxys they can:

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Chemistry information - Reaxys for Education and Research

Chemistry research - Reaxys for Education and Research

Learning outcomes - Reaxys for Education and Research

Chemistry career - Reaxys for Education and Research

Extracted and indexed chemistry information

For both basic research and education, you want chemistry information that is comprehensive, accurate and easy to find. Reaxys is a powerful research and teaching tool with its:

  • Deep indexing of chemical literature highlighting chemistry concepts and facts
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge with index terms from biomedicine, engineering, geology and more
  • Expertly curated property and reaction data, and experimental procedures
  • Highly intuitive interface that simplifies the search for highly relevant information
  • Smarter search options with: 
    • Structure, reaction, keyword or property value searching
    • Unique ability to combine structure and text search
    • Search refinement with Boolean and proximity operators

Conduct innovative research, develop practical applications, and mentor the next generation of chemists with Reaxys.

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A teaching tool for named reactions

Download the free ReactionFlash app with over 1,000 named reactions and their mechanisms. Thousands of students and instructors are using this tool to prepare for lectures and examinations. Swipe through them like flash cards and link to publications.

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What our education and research customers say

Reaxys is so much more comprehensive than the alternatives — that’s why I wanted my students using it.

Prof. Forest Robertson, Assistant Professor, Western Connecticut State University

VU Amsterdam logo

Dr. Maikel Wijtmans
VU Amsterdam

... I also like that patents are now fully incorporated and that procedural information can be extracted with one click, as it means that students do not have to go through a 100-page patent to find one procedure.

Prof. Hironao Sajiki portrait image

Prof. Hironao Sajiki
Gifu Pharmaceutical University

We find the Reaxys training also helps to get students more interested in organic chemistry because they can see more of what is possible in this field.

University of Venice logo

Prof. Fabrizio Fabris
University of Venice

I use Reaxys with my 4th and 5th year undergraduates to illustrate the principles of research — directly using it online with them in class. It helps to prepare them for postgraduate study or work.

For interviews and case studies from our Reaxys customers in academia, visit customer stories.

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Reaxys customer stories

Explore how Reaxys customers are using Reaxys to support their research workflows, business decisions and learning outcomes. We thank them for taking the time to share their stories.



Lundbeck used Reaxys to integrate internal and external data with content from commercial databases in a single cheminformatics platform.

WuXi AppTec

CRO, Pharma

Dr. Rujian Ma and Dr. Wenzhong Gao discuss how Reaxys helps their 5,000+ chemists deal with cheminformatics challenges and excel in their work.

Ascentage Pharma


An early drug discovery team uses Reaxys to find data for small molecule targeted therapeutics, identifying the most promising and balanced compounds.

Oriflame Skin Research Institute


Scientists used Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry and Pathway Studio, merging biology and chemistry, to find new targets and active natural ingredients.



Dr. Anders Lohse discusses how Reaxys delivers data for optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for pharmaceutical ingredients.


CRO, Pharma

Dr. Tommi Meulemans explains how using Reaxys helped find the right method for a compound his team was working on.

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Takahashi Nakai finds Reaxys provides unique services, including extracted property and reaction data, and links to eMolecules.


CRO, Chemical, Pharma

Dr. Jan Haller describes how Reaxys' rapid search workflows helped his team win a contract for a proof-of-concept study with experimental facts.



Dr. Johnny Wray finds Reaxys delivers clean compound and bioactivity data essential to the successful modeling of the impact of a compound on a biological system.

Hager Biosciences


Dr. Bel Mekonnen, CEO, considers Reaxys’ accurate medicinal chemistry and synthesis data perfect for their work in developing lead compounds for unmet medical needs.

Epigen Biosciences


Dr. Fabio Tucci, cofounder and COO, chose Reaxys because it helps them meet their goal of achieving synthesis with as few steps as possible.

Seoul National University


Hong-Rae Kim uses Reaxys to quickly identify the drug-like qualities and feasible synthesis routes for carbocyclic nucleosides.

Gifu Pharmaceutical University


Professor Hironao Sajiki says Reaxys delivers answers directly, whereas other solutions require that he and his students read more source publications.

Osaka University


Professor Keiji Hirose feels Reaxys’ excerpted data helps students learn to take a range of answers into account and thus become better researchers.

WCS University


Professor Forest Robertson discusses how Reaxys improves his students' chemistry literacy and shows them smarter ways to do research.

VU University Amsterdam


Dr. Maikel Wijtmans uses Reaxys in his courses so students find the breadth of synthetic literature and develop research skills for their careers.

University of Venice


Professor Fabrizio Fabris finds Reaxys simple enough to use with undergraduate students and powerful enough to help him in his laboratory work.

Jubilant Chemsys Ltd.

CRO, Chemical, Pharma

Dr. Pranab Patra explains how Reaxys helps his team overcome challenges in finding novel, sustainable synthetic pathways.

Major adhesives company


A team of chemists analyzed a number of reactions with Reaxys and reached a breakthrough to invent a polymer, the first of its kind to market.

Contract research organization


A lab team used Reaxys to determine with certainty its chemists could develop between 25 to 35 unique molecules, increasing productivity and cash flow.

Start-up company


A team found the best way to conduct research lab work with sodium metal after searching for reactions that used sodium metal in Reaxys.



Dr. Peter Witte reveals how Reaxys helps in his team's work on catalysts as they investigate reaction conditions for more sustainable production.


CRO, Chemical, Pharma, Agrochemicals

Amit Kumar Tiwari, a patent analyst and researcher, discusses how Reaxys expedites patent classification searches as it quickly retrieves precise extracted data.

Chemical Information Services

Information technology

CEO Ernie Cote found that Reaxys cut his team’s research time by 70% with its quick retrieval of relevant synthesis and property data.

Solid-chem GmbH


Dr. Carsten Schauerte discovered the collation of information from multiple sources in Reaxys means he saves significant time not conducting separate searches.



Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari describes how Reaxys helped him halve his time creating project plans and quotations to synthesize chemicals.



Dr. John Parks relies on Reaxys to deal with a broad range of requests for compound synthesis in less time than alternative options.

Yoyulabo Co., Ltd.

Chemical, Pharma

Tetsuya Ichikawa, President & CEO, finds Reaxys a faster way to search compounds and properties without missing important information.

Key Organics


Chemists use Reaxys to explore new ideas, examine patents and primary literature, and generate analytical data to help identify gaps in their product portfolio.

Last updated: November 17, 2020