Scientists in industry and academia trust Reaxys for accurate chemistry information

Chemists, information managers, cheminformaticians and other scientists in hundreds of companies, government institutions and universities trust Reaxys for answers to chemistry questions.

In leading research and education establishments, Reaxys innovations are recognized and appreciated as the right responses to the needs of the scientific community. Because we understand the importance of making chemistry information accessible, Reaxys is designed to deliver data and literature quickly to every user in the way they need it.

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Supporting pharmaceutical R&D

Reaxys supports critical decisions for successful drug discovery & development - Pharmaceutical R&D - Reaxys | Elsevier

Information for the critical decisions in early drug discovery

Pharmaceutical companies use data and literature from Reaxys to drive drug development success and efficiency. Reaxys helps chemists and pharmacologists to identify the most promising lead compounds to advance to preclinical trials and design the most efficient ways to synthesize them.

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Customer story

Understanding structure-activity relationships and synthesis routes
Easy access to high-quality data from patents and articles helps the researchers at Epigen Biosciences to study and understand structure–activity relationships and synthesis routes. It saves them time and helps avoid unnecessary optimization steps. Co-founder and COO Dr. Fabio Tucci explains why he and his team choose Reaxys for their research.

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Understanding structure-activity relationships and synthesis routes - Customer story - Reaxys | Elsevier

Supporting chemical R&D and manufacturing

Reaxys supports chemical innovation - Chemical R&D and Manufacturing - Reaxys | Elsevier

Information to streamline processes and boost innovation in chemical R&D

Chemicals companies use data and literature from Reaxys to drive efficient, cost-effective and green chemistry projects. Reaxys helps chemists to develop and improve chemicals by supporting synthesis optimization and the identification of desirable chemical properties in intermediate and end products.

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Reducing R&D timeline by quickly identifying potential solutions
Gregory Martin, Director of Business Development at a contract research organization wanted to minimize his lab’s R&D timeline for a new project. His goal was to drive revenue by quickly identifying potential solutions and determining the most profitable way to charge the client.

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Reducing R&D timeline by quickly identifying potential solutions - Customer Story - Reaxys | Elsevier

Supporting academic education and research

Enabling smarter chemistry in academic institutions - Education & Research - Reaxys | Elsevier

Opening the world of chemistry to all students and researchers

Reaxys helps educational institutions develop outstanding future chemists by making it easier for faculty and students to access and explore chemistry literature and data, while building modern chemistry information retrieval skills.

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Customer story

Improving chemistry literacy to promote smarter research
Professor Forest Robertson believes that young chemists should be taught to use research solutions like Reaxys early in their careers. He says it doesn't just improve their chemistry literacy: it also shows them smarter ways to do research. In an interview with Elsevier, he explained specific exercises that he uses to teach students to get the most out of Reaxys.

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Improve chemistry literacy to support laboratory work - Customer Story - Reaxys | Elsevier