Reaxys serves chemists in industry and academia

Reaxys empowers the chemistry research of hundreds of organizations around the world, including the world's leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies and academic institutions.

We innovate by listening and learning from customers, and we leverage experts in chemistry, content and technologies to continually enhance Reaxys. Because our goals are the same as those of our customers, we ensure that Reaxys delivers the greatest value in an increasingly complex and growing world.

Pharmaceutical R&D

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We help pharmaceutical companies drive drug development success and efficiency by helping chemists identify the most robust lead compounds from a promising set of hits.

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"The data from Reaxys is the cleanest we have access to. The effort put into standardizing and normalizing Reaxys makes them easy to map to our internal database structure." Dr. Jonny Wray, e-Therapeutics

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Chemical R&D and Manufacturing

Chemical R&D - Reaxys | Elsevier

We help chemical companies develop and improve chemical products by helping chemists with synthesis optimization and the identification of desirable chemical properties in intermediate and end products.

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"I have found Reaxys to have an amount and diversity of substance properties unlike any other tool I’ve used." Dr. Carsten Schauerte, solid-chem GmbH

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Chemistry Education & Research

Chemistry Education & Research - Reaxys | Elsevier

We help educational institutions develop outstanding future chemists by making it easier for faculty and students to access and explore chemistry literature and data, while building modern chemistry information retrieval skills.

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Reaxys bolsters the chemical literacy of our students. Including it in the undergraduate program is the smart thing to do. We're giving our undergraduates a head start by teaching the skills they'll need to succeed when they go on to further study. Prof. Forest Robertson, Western Connecticut State University, on how Reaxys supports the competitiveness of chemistry gradudates

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