Speak with us about your organization's needs

We would be happy to discuss your goals and how Reaxys can help you achieve them. Reaxys better enables researchers in your organization to:

  • Search de-siloed internal and external databases
  • Get data on chemical structures, properties, and reactions
  • Compare in-house and external data more easily
  • Increase research efficiency and R&D productivity
  • Make properly informed go/no-go decisions
  • Leverage AI technologies for chemistry investigations, including predictive retrosynthesis

The data from Reaxys is the cleanest we have access to.

—Dr. Johnny Wray, e-Therapeutics


Reaxys helps students to learn how to apply chemical reaction data.

—Prof. Keiji Hirose, Associate Professor at Osaka University

Technical Support

Are you a user or administrator for Reaxys and experiencing technical issues? Visit our Reaxys support hub to find helpful resources and contact our technical support team.

Visit the Reaxys support hub