Pure 5.9. Release : In June 2017, we released Pure 5.9. This release made it easier to report on, gain insights with, and extract data from Pure. releasedescription

June 2017

Pure 5.9. Release : In June 2017, we released Pure 5.9. This release made it easier to report on, gain insights with, and extract data from Pure.

New web service

Pure is seen as the source of trusted research data on campus, and our web service tools have always made moving your data into other campus systems possible. But as the global customer base expands, we want to ensure our web service keeps up with the ways data stored in Pure is being used.

The primary use case for the Pure Web Service is the ability to reuse data gathered in Pure,  typically either on other websites, such as department pages, or in other IT systems, such as for business intelligence reporting.

The new Pure Web Service delivered three key features:

  • Improved development experience: The primary focus of the development of the new Pure Web Service was to improve the Developer Experience and thus make easier to both get started with the Pure Web Service, as well as continue to use it.
  • Access control & security: The Pure Web Service delivers many different types of data and often has many different types of clients. With the new   Pure Web Service, it is possible to control which parts of the Pure data model each authenticated web service user can access so you can protect confidential data.
  • New delivery model: The June 2017 version of the Pure Web Service is not backwards compatible. However, the older version of the web service will be supported until June 2018 in order to allow a controlled transition.

Technology preview of Reporting module redesign

As reporting on Pure content is such a fundamental requirement for many Pure users, it is imperative that the Reporting module remains accessible and user-friendly as the Pure data model increases in breadth and complexity. The Pure team spent a number of months gathering feedback from the user community, and used these observations to find ways to make reporting in Pure more comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive, and ensure that it continues to meet users' evolving reporting needs.

This release included a technology preview of the new Reporting module, which has been designed to help users create data stories that are more accurate, complete, and engaging, with the aim of making reporting in Pure understandable, predictable - and fun to use!

Updated Assessment Modules

With a strong focus on ensuring high data quality, Pure is often used to deliver the data needed for various research assessment and compliance exercises. In a number of cases this can be handled by leveraging the Reporting module, but dedicated bespoke national assessment modules are also available.

For these national assessment modules, Pure is committed to delivering updates as submission requirements are published. For the June release, our focus was on ERA2018 (Australia) and SEP / KUOZ (the Netherlands), and we will start to plan for updates to the REF2021 (UK) module as initial decisions are published mid-2017.