Pure 5.7 release: In early October, we released Pure 5.7. New features include activity model updates, prizes as a content type and Newsflo integration!

November 2016

As part of our continuing commitment to our customers and the future of Pure, Pure 5.7 includes enhancements that allow Pure to be more flexible and support more content types. This means Pure has the strong infrastructure to continue to support your institution as you grow and change.

Improved data models for activities, prizes, and media mentions

In October, Pure’s activity model added new features and more flexibility.  This release makes it possible to change the type and template of activities, add more than one person to an activity, and add to specified types of activities with a customizable field containing selectable categories.

On top of this, we added a new content type to capture esteem measures like Nobel Prizes and Professor of the Year awards.

How the updated data model works for you:

  • With a new prize content type, esteem measures will be more prominent.  This is important since an awarded prize or honorary award remains relevant as a researcher achievement for many years.
  • With a consolidated media content (mainstream press mentions) type, we provide coherent showcasing and easy evaluation of all media activities, whether they be active contributions or passive mentions in the media.
  • The updated activity model will have more concise and to-the-point templates, which will guide the researcher when recording activities.
  • Updating the data model supports Pure’s plans for the future, so we can support new use cases and reporting requirements as soon as they are issued.

Newsflo integration: Demonstrate societal understanding of research

With this release, Pure is now able to automatically import media mentions in English language newspapers, magazines, online media and trade publications based on a feed from LexisNexis with author disambiguation from Elsevier’s Newsflo. The media mentions will be attributed to the researcher and aggregated based on organization unit hierarchy in Pure.

Media mentioning is related to individual academics but due to organization hierarchy in Pure, you will be able to obtain reliable and trustworthy aggregated data.

More data sources: Easily import the data that matters to you

No one likes doing data entry. And with Pure 5.7, you can import new sources like EBSCOhost Research Databases so you can have more complete researcher profiles without all the hassle.