Highlights of 5.18 release

  • Expansion of available metrics: Pure is working hard to ensuring relevant metrics are supported, easy to access, and maintain. Pure now allows customers to capture and report on the full suite of metrics from Web of Science (WoS) InCites Journal Citation Report (JCR), and WoS category Impact Factors. Metrics can be added manually to journals or uploaded in bulk using a .csv file downloaded from WoS and/or InCites.
  • Global Reporter role: We have introduced global reporter roles for all content types. These new roles will grant access to the new reporting module, and it will be possible to report on the selected content types. It is now possible to open the new reporting module up for more users so they can start using the new reporting module. These roles can be combined with others to give access to the new reporting module for more users without having to provide editorial rights to users. If the global reporter roles are the only role that a user has, then the user can only see the new reporting tab and use the new reporting module without being able to see the rest of Pure.
  • Portal Homepage: We've made a big change on the homepage of your Pure Portal, allowing you to incorporate a large "hero image," front and center on the page. People are highly visual, and having high quality, fullscreen imagery at the top of your page can help create a positive first impression, drawing them into your Portal, while also showcasing your institution and what makes it unique. This is a taste of things to come, as we enable more multimedia integration across the Portal, helping you to "put your best foot forward" at every level of your institution.
  • Portal search filter improvements: We want to make finding exciting and relevant content on the Portal as simple as possible. With that firmly in mind, we have redesigned our search filter experience to make filters more prominent, clearer and easier to use. We have moved all search filters into a column on the left-hand side of the page, recreating a filtering experience many more users would already be familiar with other popular websites.

For more information on 5.18 release, listen to the webinar on Pure Academy BrightTALK Channel.