Highlights of 5.17 release

  • Write API: The Pure write API is an evolution of the existing web service, to support a backward-compatible read and write endpoint for using and managing research information data in Pure. The new Pure API will provide a backwards-compatible fully featured web services API. As part of 5.17 we're releasing an early access version of the external organizations endpoint that all Pure customers can enable.
  • Funding Opportunities: Sweeping improvements have been made to the Funding opportunities content type to facilitate the way customers work with opportunities in Pure. Clients are now able to manage interactions with these opportunities against deadlines and applications and share with both specific researchers and departments and faculties. Part of these improvements are to pave the way for Pure to move funding discovery features, currently found in the funding discovery module, to Funding Institutional, a product specifically developed to improve the discovery and dissemination of funding opportunities across and within institutions.
  • Report Landing pages: A new landing page for the report module has been introduced. The purpose of the landing page is to provide easier access to reporting functionality and reports. It provides users access to reporting, without having access to other content in Pure, and a space where future versions can display various aspects of the report module.

For more information on 5.17 release, Listen to the webinar on Pure Academy BrightTALK Channel.