Highlights of 5.16 release

  • DataSearch: With 5.16 release, we announce the integration with DataSearch, a data search engine for researchers covering a variety of institutional repositories and data sources. DataSearch enhances the search experience by allowing to search in the metadata, and also in the data itself. Through DataSearch research managers can search for datasets that are relevant to their institutions and synchronize their details into Pure. Users will have the capability of selecting one or more data sources and to preview datasets before importing them into Pure.
    The integration with DataSearch enriches the Mendeley Data integration, expanding the coverage of this functionality to a wide range of domain-specific and cross-domain repositories.
  • Bulk delete sensitive personal information: For an institution, balancing the functionality and value of a RIM/CRIS/Repository system with GDPR (and similar privacy frameworks) can be difficult. The bulk delete feature introduced in this release provides administrative users the ability to bulk delete sensitive fields from person records, giving institutions the tools to effectively manage this balance. Some information will be retained to ensure any underlying data models, and Pure in general, function effectively.
  • Redesigned Contact Expert feature: The Pure Portal is about building connections - facilitating stronger, more prolific engagement and collaboration between your institution and the world. With this is mind, we have focused this release on improvements to how visitors to the Pure Portal can get in touch with your researchers. This could be to discuss a recent finding, to grow their network or to present an exciting new collaboration opportunity. The Contact Expert feature already existed in the Pure Portal, but by working together with our clients and outside partners we have added made it easier to configure to meet the specific needs of your institution and switched to a web form to simplify the user experience to make it easier than ever to connect.

For more information on 5.16 release, Listen to the webinar on Pure Academy BrightTALK Channel