Highlights of 5.14 release

  • Personal User Overview: It is a substantive advancement towards how users access, work, explore and add content within Pure. The new overview is tightly integrated with the personal user’s Pure and PlumX data at the research output, project and researcher level. This includes coverage of content added by the user and institution, and PlumX mentions, usage, captures, social media and citation data for each research output where available. The new overview is aimed at encouraging productive and meaningful engagement between the personal user and their content in Pure.
  • Reporting Module: The new Pure Reporting Module is moving to Beta. Users will now have a refreshed view on research information as they build complex queries combining different streams. The new module is comprehensive, flexible and intuitive. With this release, all content types are now available in the module with expanded functionality enabling you to switch between aggregate and detailed views on your data.

For more information on 5.14 release, Listen to the webinar on Pure Academy BrightTALK Channel