Highlights of 5.13 release

October 2018

Research Outputs: Available updates from online sources: As part of our continuing focus on increasing automation to reduce the burden on our users with regard to data entry into Pure, this release introduces exciting new functionality to update existing Pure Research Output records with new and potentially more complete metadata from available online sources. The feature searches online sources (such as, but not limited to, Scopus, Web of Science, and PubMed) for updated information on existing Research Outputs in Pure and presents users with the updated data for consideration.

ORCID: New Research Output import source: We are very pleased to announce the addition of ORCID as an import source for Research outputs in this release, fully incorporated into our recently added Automated search by ID functionality and the Updates from online sources feature in this release.

Pure Portal update status overview: To make it easier to manage and understand Pure Portal updates, we have made the Portal content and configuration update process more transparent.

For more information on 5.13 release, Listen to the webinar on Pure Academy BrightTALK Channel