Highlights of 5.12 release

June 2018

Reporting Module: Following the release of the technology preview of the new Reporting module in 5.9.0, and updates to this preview in subsequent releases, we are continuing to develop the new Reporting module in order to deliver a comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive reporting tool that continues to meet users' evolving reporting needs. New features included in this release are:

  • Data stories that enable you to gain insights into your institution's research activity and outcomes using visualizations
  • Enhanced drill-down functionality enabling you to quickly visualize the details of aggregate data presented in the Data table.

Research Output import: Automated search: As part of our focus on increasing automation to reduce the burden on our users with regard to data entry into Pure, we have made improvements to the Automated search in this release. We have added the possibility for administrators to turn on the automated search on Scopus for all personal users with Scopus IDs in their profiles. This makes it easier to start taking advantage of the automated search.

Newsflo integration - Feedback loop: Following on from the initial release of our integration with Newsflo in 5.7, we are now introducing a facility to feed back to Newsflo information on attributed media items, ensuring that individuals can control the Newsflo content appearing in their profiles and helping to improve the accuracy of Newsflo's attribution algorithm.

Pure Portal: Direct access to back-end profile management: It is now possible for researchers to navigate to relevant sections in the Pure backend directly from their Portal profile page, making it easier for users to control and adjust their public profile and relieve Pure administrators of some of the pressure of profile management.

For more information on 5.12 release, Listen to the webinar on Pure Academy BrightTALK Channel.